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Does my business need a website?

By Abhinav Girdhar | Updated on March 19, 2021, 2:11 pm

Yes, your business needs a website, no matter which industry you belong to. Here are the reasons:

1. Your customers expect it

No matter who your customers are, they expect your business to have a website. Why? Because everyone around already has one and if you do not have one, customers are going to lose faith in you.

2. Internet is the new Yellow Pages

Customers research online. As they go looking for any product or service, the first thing a customer does is – internet research. If you do not have a website, they are not going to find you. This means you are going to miss out on hundreds of thousands of prospects.

3. A website adds credibility

When you create a website for your business, you instantly add a certain credibility to your business establishing its legitimacy particularly for first time buyers. It is a great asset to have when you are reaching out to investors, vendors, prospective partners, and more.

4. Helps you collect data and leads

Data is gold! Using website and well employed analytics, you can gather critical data like the country of origin of the users, the pages visited by them, and more. Ethically collected data can go a long way in helping you enhance your products and improve your website.

5. Gives you an additional marketing channel

No matter how good your product or services are, if you do not market it well, all your efforts are going to go down the drain. Your website can serve as a reliable marketing channel for your business. You can design many successful marketing campaigns around your website.

6. Allows clients to reach you 24X7

When you build a website, you make yourself available to the prospects and clients round the clock. This means even when your store is closed, your business will still be open to clients and their queries.

7. Showcase all your offerings

You have at your hands a great space to showcase all the things you have to offer when you make your own website. You can not only showcase products, but also place testimonials from happy clients.


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