15 bästa alternativen till Zapier

15 Best Zapier Alternatives

Zapier is one of the many workflow automation platforms that allows users to connect their applications without the need for coding. It is a great app as it is. But different users have different needs, and it's hard to match them all, which means that they’ll need to keep their options open. Zapier provides some really cool automation solutions but comes with its own set of drawbacks that causes people to look for alternatives that are better suited to their requirements.

Here are some Zapier alternatives that we would like you to explore.

1. Appy Pie Connect

Appy Pie Connect is a web-based service that allows end users to easily integrate their web applications with workflow automation and share data. It enhances its user’s ability to make high-level data-driven decisions with the most up to date data.

This automation platform lets users pull information from other apps and automate business-critical tasks and enhance productivity. The best part is that it lets users do all that, without any coding, making it a truly no-code platform.

Appy Pie Connect
Pricing ProsCons
7-day free trialWorks on no-code technologyNone
Professional: $30/monthAffordable yet offers powerful features
Business: $75/monthOffers a plethora of integrations across applications

2. Make (formerly Integromat)

It has many integrations, and a drag and drop user interface. Users can create custom integrations that can be complex or simplistic, based on their requirements. Make offers a free plan that is useful for individuals or enterprises who have budget constraints or simply want to try out the platform’s features.

Its visual editor and diverse coding options (HTTP and JSON) also offer a great deal of creative freedom for users from technical backgrounds.

Make (formerly Integromat)
Pricing ProsCons
Free plan: 1000 operations, 100 MB data transferWorks on no-code technologyThe advanced features are difficult to learn
Basic plan: $9/month with 10,000 operations, 1 GB data transferAllows simple and complex automation workflows.The free plan is limited
Standard plan: $29/month with 40,000 operations, 20 GB data transferOffers a free plan
Business plan: $99/month with 150,000 operations, 70 GB data transferHas a visual interface
Platinum plan: $299/month with 800,000 operations, 220 GB data transferOffers a plethora of integrations across applications

3. LeadsBridge

LeadsBridge is an iPaaS solution that enables enterprises to enhance their omnichannel strategy by orchestrating their business data. It focuses on delivering tailor-made integrations best suited to all kinds of business requirements.

It is tailored towards companies that want to streamline their advertising activities by integrating the marketing technology stack with their social media handles.

Pricing ProsCons
Free version: 100 leads/month and 1 bridgeOffers swift connection between different marketing platformsLimited integrations, which are only around 380.
Paid plan: $22/month billed annually. Offers 800 leads/month and 3 bridges.Great customer supportThe free plan is limited
Built specifically for advertisers and marketers.

4. Automate.io

Automate.io is a platform that helps users integrate their cloud applications and automate marketing, sales, and many other vital business processes. Automate.io allows users to create workflows between multiple apps instantly

Users can explore the basic functionalities of Automate.io for free. Moreover, the software has a wide range of app integrations on offer.

Pricing ProsCons
Growth plan: $49 per month.Complex workflows are available on the free planIt offers limited features compared to other integration tools
Business plan: $99 per month.It offers several pre built templatesPricing plans are somewhat confusing
Enterprise plan: $199 per month.
Enterprise Plus plan: $499 per month.

5. ZigiOPS

ZigiOps is a popular automation tool that works on no-code. Any regular user can create dynamic integrations without having to write even a single line of code. Its bi-directional integration feature also significantly improves the level of connection among different integrations.

It is an incredibly flexible platform that is great for businesses looking to create personalized integrations easily. ZigiOps supports outstanding customer support, provides real-time data exchange, and has amazing data recovery functionality.

Pricing ProsCons
14-day free trialRequires no codingToo expensive
Paid plan: starts at $9000/yearSupports extensive collaborative features 
Offers bi-directional integration 

6. Coupler.io

This is a basic automation tool that synchronizes data from multiple services and platforms such as Google Sheets, or Microsoft Excel and others. Coupler.io is quite easy to use and is an ideal option for those looking for affordable workflow automation, data backup, transfer, and scheduled data export between different platforms, and creating live dashboards.

It works with no-code which means that it is quite popular among non-technical professionals like product managers, and marketers.

Pricing ProsCons
Offers a free trial planProvides discounts for educators and non-profitsSupports only three data destinations
Professional plan: $24/month Instant support with onboarding calls and training sessionsDoesn’t offer data visualization
Business plan: $99$/monthCollects, and analyzes data in near real-time

7. API Fuse

It is an embedded integration platform purpose-built for SaaS applications. It provides both native integrations and a lot of embedded integrations that were developed specifically for SaaS companies.

API Fuse offers a lot of statistical data about which integrations and at what capacity are used by users. It also allows companies to white label a few third-party integrations and its customers to connect their applications without needing to leave the product page.

API Fuse
Pricing ProsCons
Basic plan: free Offers white labeling of third-party connectorsDoesn’t offer much in its pre built connectors
Growth plan: $899/monthNative integrationsDoesn’t offer data visualization
Platform plan: $1,499/monthProvides great tutorials for new users

8. Outfunnel

Outfunnel is an automation platform that is tailored for marketers. It syncs sales and marketing data across all tools, so that users can set up automated campaigns and run them based on the data changes in their CRMs.

A key benefit of using Outfunnel is its ease of setup. Complete integration and automation for CRM tasks would require only a single step, while compared to other automation tools that would need at least a few more.

Pricing ProsCons
Lite plan: $6/monthIdeal for sales and marketing workflowsFewer app connections available than other tools
Starter plan: $19/month for StarterSupports complex integrationsNo free version
Growth plan: $49/month for GrowthEasy to set upLimited functionality
Enterprise plans are priced on request


If you’re looking for a user-friendly automation tool, then IFTTT, which stands for “if this, then that”, will fit your requirements. This platform integrates applications using simple conditional statements. The workflows are called “Applets” and range from operating your smart home and social media apps, to setting up appointments automatically in Google Calendar.

It has a bold UX design, intuitive interface, and is quite easy to use. It also offers several pre-made applets that make things particularly easy for non-techies.

Pricing ProsCons
Free version that supports 5 Applets.Very straightforwardProvides integrations for only 700 Apps
Pro plan: $5/monthAffordable pricingNo drag-and-drop tools
Pro+ plan: $10/monthMany of pre-built templatesCreating your own templates is difficult

10. Workato

Another promising integration platform on this list is Workato. It has robust automation capabilities and many other notable features such as advanced AI, and its robotic process automation. On Workato, automations are referred to as ‘recipes’ and the pricing structure is based on the number of such ‘recipes’ that a user requires.

It is mostly aimed at large and medium enterprises, which means it is not the best alternative when it comes to personal use.

Pricing ProsCons
Business plan: For small teams at $1499/month.All plans offer unlimited connectionsExpensive compared to other tools
Business plus plan: for business at $2999/month.Users can purchase “recipes” for processes as per their requirementsNot the best option for smaller businesses
Enterprise plan: For IT teams (custom pricing).

11. Microsoft Power Automate

If you’ve heard of RPA or Robotic Process Automation, you’ll know about Microsoft Power Automate. It relies on RPA which works with bots or AI workers to accomplish specific tasks. Power Automate is a fantastic option for businesses that use products or services provided by Microsoft such as Office 365, OneDrive, OneNote, or Teams.

Being a Microsoft product, this platform can communicate effectively with all other apps from Microsoft. It also provides customizable and conditional flows, cloud integrations, data monitoring and other useful features. Users can easily integrate Microsoft services with many popular applications.

Microsoft Power Automate
Pricing ProsCons
It offers two kinds of plans, the Per-user plan, and the Per-flow plan.Ideal for Microsoft users looking to keep data centralizedNo data visualization tools or drag and drop features
Per-user plans:
  • $15 per user/month
  • $40 per user/month
Free trial availableDifficult to learn how to use the interface
Per-flow plan:
  • $500 for 5 flows/month
Options to create AI powered solutions

12. Tray.io

Tray.io is primarily targeted towards enterprise businesses. It is equipped with an extensive library of more than 600 app connectors, and offers incredible options in creating integrations with sales, customer support and marketing software. The interface is quite easy to understand and its low code drag and drop feature allows users to build even the most complex workflows with ease. One of the biggest benefits of this platform is that it offers a free trial, so that users can test the functionality beforehand.

Pricing ProsCons
Offers a free trialSuitable for large companiesPaid plans are expensive for smaller businesses
Starter plan: $695/monthWorks with cloud-based servicesSupports low code which is not the best option for non-technical users
Standard plan: $1,450/month, Free trial available
Professional plan: $2,450/month. Not the best option for smaller businesses
Enterprise plans are priced on a per customer basis.

13. CloudHQ

Gmail productivity is another key region where lots of business owners prefer automation to help them quickly label and track emails. CloudHQ is one of the most popular Gmail Productivity tools out there that offers several tools that help users to organize their email tasks with the added benefit of real-time data protection.

Pricing ProsCons
Features a free planSupports file backupExpensive compared to other tools
Premium plan: $118/year for a single userEquipped with free email trackerDoesn’t support other desktop or mobile apps
Business plan: $300/year for 3 users

14. N8n.io

N8n.io is an open-source tool that allows users to create their own automations for free. It caters to tech savvy users, allowing users to create basic automations and connections with the help of JavaScript functions. Custom HTTP requests or conditional logic. It is a truly free platform, which offers a wide range of possibilities, with the only downside being its complexity.

Moreover, N8n is a self-hosting platform, which means that all data is completely owned and controlled by the user, rather than any third-party platform.

Pricing ProsCons
The platform is free to use.Free Highly technical to use and set up
Suitable option for technical folks looking to create their own solutionsLimited customer support
Enterprise plan: For IT teams (custom pricing).Offers the user with better data security optionsRelatively fewer apps to choose from

15. Actiondesk

Actiondesk is a popular option among non-technical individuals or teams planning to build data-driven automated workflows. It is a spreadsheet interface that enables users to integrate SaaS with their databases, allowing them to work on data in real-time.

This is a quick to use software, where users can create powerful automation, to import, manipulate and export data with ease. Users can create live reporting system with minimal or no programming language

Pricing ProsCons
Premium plan: $169/month with 10 users and 5 data sourcesWorks on no-codeDoesn’t offer as robust integrations as others
Business plan: $499/month with 25 users, and unlimited data sourcesGreat for non-technical teams
Enterprise plan: Unlimited users and unlimited data sources

Concluding Note


With every passing day, the popularity of workflow automation is increasing, as more and more businesses are looking to automate their tasks, to save time and money. Any modern enterprise looking to make it big in its sector has to set up effective integrations to enhance its productivity.

While Zapier has been the go-to choice, the negatives now far outweigh the positives. Many enterprises are looking to switch to better options like Appy Pie Connect. Not only does Connect offer better features, and powerful integrations, it is also quite affordable compared to Zapier.

Kunder som lyckligt har bytt till Appy Pie Connect

FANTASTISK OCH SNABB KUNDSERVICE!!!!!Det mest hjälpsamma med appy pie är den omedelbara kundtjänsten! Snabba svar, snabb hjälp och till slut en lyckad inlämning till Apple och Google Play. TACK TILL APPY PIE!!!!!

Otroligt team! Teamets lyhördhet är helt fantastisk. Inga problem hittills. Jag är förvånad över hur kortfattad processen är. De gör det så enkelt! Kundtjänsten är som ingen annan produkt på marknaden. Exceptionell och snabb leverans! Ibland undrar jag om de sover!"

En frisk fläkt! Appypie känner till kundservice och de utför det! Varje gång jag behöver hjälp är deras team redo och tillgängliga, och det uppskattar jag verkligen.

AppPie är en pålitlig partner för mitt företagJagsparar mycket tid och frustration. Väl värt de extra pengarna. Utmärkt verktyg för prototypframställning. Gränssnittet är flexibelt och lätt att lära sig.

Bra teknisk support för en nybörjare som jag!Plattformen är för det mesta mycket lätt att använda. När jag var tvungen att kontakta den tekniska supporten var de alltid snabba och professionella och hjälpte mig att lösa vissa problem med appen.

Fantastisk upplevelse, bästa supporten någonsin! Användargränssnittet på Appy Pie är intuitivt och lätt att använda. Supportteamet är fantastiskt och de hjälper oss alltid! Appy Pie är ett fantastiskt programvaruverktyg som hjälper dig att utveckla interna lösningar snabbt och professionellt.

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