How to setup AR in to Appy Pie App?

Follow below steps to setup augmented reality into your Appy Pie app via vuforia:

Step 1: Goto

Step 2: If you are not registered on, then register yourself and verify your account, else login into your vuforia account
Step 3: Once you have logged in, you will see vuforia dashboard, click on the "Develop" tab from the above listed menu




Step 4: Click on "Add Licence Key" button




Step 5: Select "Development" radio button under Project Type, then provide an app name, and click on "Next" to continue. It will take you to "Confirm License Key" section




Step 6: Under "Confirm License Key" tab, tick mark the terms and conditions checkbox and click on "Confirm" button




Step 7: Click your App Name under License Manager tab




Step 8: Copy your License Key and paste it into your Appy Pie AR page






Step 9: Click on "Target Manager" tab





Step 10: Click on "Add Database" button under Target Manager, it will open "Create Database" dialog box





Step 11: Provide a name to your Database, select "Device" under Type field, then click on "Create" button





Step 12: Now click on your Database name under "Target Manager" section




Step 13: Click on "Add Target" button. It will open "Ad Target" dialog box





Step 14: Select "Single Image" as in Ad type, browse the actual file (width should be '200'), and provide a name to your image. Once you are done, click on "Add" button




Step 15: Now click on "Download Database" button. It will open Download Database dialog box




Step 16:  Select "Android Studio, Xcode or Visial Studio" option, then click on "Download" button





Step 17: Upload this file into "Upload Marker" field of AR file



Step 18: Now select the actions that you want to perform once the AR object is scanned


Disclaimer: All Appy Pie users who intend to use the AR feature powered by “Vuforia” are requested to adhere by Terms of Use set by PTC Inc. (“PTC”), as mentioned on




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