If you received a Policy Violation email from Google Play citing Issue as "Violation of Malicious Behavior policy" then following is what you need to do:

The good news up front: you’ve come to the right place as we at Appy Pie have made the necessary changes to your App based on Google's Updated Guidelines dated 10th July.
Please follow the steps below to resubmit your app by yourself, or if you would like us to do that for you, then refer to Step 2. 
Step (1) 
>> Download the latest build from Appy Pie "Go live" Area. (Make sure that you  rebuild your app, before downloading.)
>> Login to your Google developer. 
>> Go to app release section,
>> Click on manage production. 
>> Upload the APK file. 
>> Start rollout app. 
Step 2: Send resubmission request from Go live section. (Dashboard >> My apps >> Go live). 
Once you have sent the request, please revert as soon as possible so that we can proceed for resubmission of your app. 

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