Appy Pie کاروباروں کی مدد کے لیے حاضر ہے۔

  • منٹوں میں اپنا موبائل ایپ بنائیں - کوڈنگ کی ضرورت نہیں۔ بلامعاوضہ آزمائیں!
  • 1 جولائی 2020 تک مفت ایپی پائی چیٹ بوٹس، کنیکٹ اور ڈیزائن پلیٹ فارم اکاؤنٹ
  • Employee Logins: Assign unique login IDs to control access
  • Push Notifications: Alert users about new information with push notifications
  • Team Business Chat: Interact with multiple users in real-time and increase team productivity
  • Video Integration: Engage with your employees, clients and prospects using interactive features and videos
  • Distribute Content: Digitally deliver newsletters and in-house magazines
  • Quiz & Polls: Set up quizzes, tests and reward or achievement sections to keep the morale up and encourage your employees to stay updated
  • Social Network: Employee enagement can be increased
  • Events: Users can directly add events from the app to their calendar
  • Run it on Any Device: Android & iOS.
  • Distribution: Internal or via Public App Store.
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