Top Zendesk Integrations to Boost Your Customer Relationships

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In this era of workflow automation, businesses integrate their favorite software to automate their routine work and manage tasks efficiently. In this blog, we will discuss some of the major Zendesk integrations and explain how you can efficiently manage your customer support system with these integrations.

What is Zendesk?

Zendesk is a customer service software that helps businesses to provide a great customer experience. It provides a single web-based platform with multiple modules like Zendesk CRM, Zendesk Chat to manage your support ticket system, handle requests, and conduct forum discussions.

Zendesk makes it easy for you to engage with customers across channels like email, phone, or social media and gives you the ability to organize all your customer conversations in one place.
To know more about Zendesk, you can have a look at the detailed infographic given below.

Let us further explore Zendesk integrations that have the potential to do wonders for your business.

Major Zendesk Integrations You Must Know

Some of the major Zendesk integrations are mentioned below.

  1. Zendesk Salesforce Integration
  2. Salesforce is a cloud computing SaaS company specialized in customer relationship management. Zendesk integration with Salesforce allows you to automatically pull records from Salesforce into Zendesk based on specific criteria.

    For example, if there are several accounts or contacts in your Salesforce customer portal that fit specific criteria (like they have not logged into your application in the last six months). Then those accounts can be moved over to a new ticket type inside of Zendesk where they will receive an alert asking them to log in again. Respond with what their business needs at this time.

    Using this integration, you can move through your sales pipeline faster while ensuring that all your existing customers and prospects get exactly what they need when the time comes for them to renew their account or upgrade their licensing plan.

  3. Zendesk Slack Integration
  4. Slack is a collaboration hub that brings all your team communication in one place. This software is for real-time messaging, archiving, and searching for modern teams. Zendesk Slack integration gives you the ability to automate some of your support processes like sending alerts, sharing tickets, and sending updates from Zendesk right into Slack channels.

    It allows you to send messages from your Zendesk account directly into Slack.

    This integration builds a strong team environment and keeps everyone updated on the latest ticket information so that they can provide timely support to customers without interrupting their workflow.

  5. Zendesk HubSpot Integration
  6. HubSpot is a marketing software that helps businesses grow. It allows you to create landing pages, blog posts, and email campaigns for your customers. Zendesk HubSpot integration can help you improve your business by making it easier for your customers to reach out to you.

    With this integration, you can send your tickets from Zendesk to HubSpot and get the email address of the person who created the ticket. This is great because you can easily follow up with that person directly from Zendesk.

    You can also create a new contact in HubSpot automatically based on the information provided by Zendesk, such as first name, last name, company name, etc.

  7. Zendesk Trello Integration
  8. Trello is a free online project management tool that allows you to create boards and lists. This makes it easy to visualize your projects and keep track of what needs to be done next. Zendesk Trello integration allows you to create tickets from Trello cards and boards automatically.

    Zendesk Trello Integration is a great way to keep track of your customer support requests. It helps you to manage all the customer tickets and their follow-ups in an organized manner.
    Zendesk’s powerful ticketing system is a great tool for managing customer support requests, but it doesn’t offer the same level of functionality as a project management tool like Trello.

    The Zendesk-Trello integration brings these two tools together so that you can manage your customer support requests in one place while still using the best features of each platform.

  9. Zendesk Pipedrive Integration
  10. Pipedrive is a sales management tool that helps you track your leads and manage your pipeline. It also provides analytics on the performance of your sales team. Zendesk Pipedrive integration allows you to send data from Zendesk to Pipedrive so that it can be used in your CRM or project management software.

    Pipedrive Zendesk integration makes it easy for users in the support team to create new tickets from their existing leads or contacts in Pipedrive.

    Also, the user’s ticket will be linked back to the contact or lead in Pipedrive so that all relevant information is available when needed.

  11. Zendesk Office 365 Integration
  12. Office 365 is a subscription-based service that provides access to Microsoft Office (includes programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook). People use it in all kinds of businesses and organizations to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more) applications and services.

    Zendesk Office 365 integration helps create a new ticket in Zendesk when an email is received in your office 365 inbox, even if it’s not addressed to a specific person.

    This integration automatically assigns incoming emails to the right agent or team member based on the sender and the email’s subject line. Assign incoming emails using rules based on keywords in the subject line and/or sender information (name, company).

    With Zendesk Office 365 integration, you can automatically add attachments to new or existing tickets on Zendesk while sending emails from Office 365 inbox. This feature works for any file type supported by Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

  13. Zendesk Google Sheets Integration
  14. Google Sheets is a free online spreadsheet app that allows you to create and edit spreadsheets on the web. You can also use it to collaborate with others in real-time.

    Zendesk Google Sheets integration allows you to create a spreadsheet with all your customer data from Zendesk. You can then use the data in Google Sheets for reporting, analysis, and visualization.

    This integration allows you to create a spreadsheet for each ticket and populate it with the information from the ticket. This makes it easy to see all of the relevant details about a ticket in one place, helping you make better decisions when responding to tickets.

    Zendesk Google Sheets integration is a great way to get your data in and out of Zendesk. It’s also a good way to keep track of your data, especially if you have multiple people working on the same account.

Wrapping Up

Zendesk has a wide range of integrations with other apps and services. Zendesk integrations are great for businesses that want to integrate their Zendesk account with the other tools and software they use in their business.

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Did you integrate any software with Zendesk for workflow automation? Tell us in comment section!

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