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Make Interactive and Engaging YouTube Thumbnails for Free!

Use Appy Pie Thumbnails Maker to Make YouTube Thumbnails that drive up your YouTube views.

Stagnated views and a lack of interesting thumbnails? Look no further! Use Appy Pie free YouTube thumbnail making tool. Create interactive thumbnails and drive up views by tantalizing your viewers with your own exciting thumbnails. Make your Thumbnail today!

How to Create a YouTube Thumbnail with Appy Pie Thumbnails Maker?

To make your own YouTube Thumbnail, follow these simple steps:

  • Select a design from pre-made templates

    We provide a variety of beautiful designs to choose from. Choose your preferred thumbnail designs provided in our carefully compiled template lists.

  • Customize your YouTube thumbnail template

    Customize your slide templates and find a color balance with our innovative tool, Appy Pie Color Wheel. Upload logos, photos, banners, frames and change the look of your thumbnail as required.

  • Add text and design themes such as gradient, shades etc.

    Add placeholder text from our free list of fonts and adjust the various color elements.

  • Download/Share/Save

    Download your YouTube thumbnail and add it to your next YouTube video.

youtube thumbnail creator

Why you should create YouTube Thumbnails with Appy Pie YT Thumbnails Creator?

Every YouTube video needs a thumbnail. While your viewers know how well your content is, new viewers will click only if the thumbnail is good. This is where Appy Pie comes in. It helps you create some of the best possible thumbnails for your YouTube videos. With Appy Pie you can avoid the hassle-filled design process involved with thumbnails and simply concentrate on the important bits.

With over 3 billion hours of video watched every month, it becomes necessary to stand out on YouTube. The first way to stand out is to have an exciting thumbnail. Stand out on YouTube by creating the YouTube Thumbnail for your next video with Appy Pie YouTube Thumbnails Maker. Driving up traffic has never been this easy!

Tips to create effective YouTube thumbnails

  • Use a still image or screen freeze from the video

    This step is YouTube thumbnail 101. Sometimes YouTube even suggests a still image from your video that is perfect to be used as a thumbnail for your video. You can also use a video editor to export a particular still image that you like, from your video.

  • Design a custom graphic

    You can create a custom graphic with the title of your video and a design that perfectly represents the content of your video. You can also include the brand’s logo and the name of the business.

  • Integrate the custom graphic and video still

    Another great way to create a stellar thumbnail is by using a still image from your video and making it appealing with some interesting graphic elements. This is especially a great option for vlogs, tutorials, or podcast videos.

  • Draft attractive titles

    Of course, your YouTube title should explain what the video is about, but make sure that your title is drafted in a way that appeals to your audience and gets their attention.

  • Stay away from misleading graphics or content

    Yes, we’ve all been click baited. It can be tempting to do something like that but make sure that the image and the text on your YouTube thumbnail are not in any way misleading.

Page reviewed by: Abhinav Girdhar  | Last Updated on April 12th, 2022 7:02 am