Working from home during COVID-19 Pandemic? [Tips to make it easier]

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work from home coronavirus covid 19 Appy Pie

The events regarding COVID-19 are still unfolding and the impact of the pandemic on businesses and professionals is getting stronger. As entire countries are going into lockdowns, and people are being encouraged to go into social isolation, working from home has emerged as the only solution for businesses of all scale and size, survive the pandemic.

However, for the uninitiated, working from home can prove to be quite a challenge, particularly when the environment has its own stress triggers going around. Most of the jobs, when planned properly can be transferred to an efficient work from home scenario.

work from home covid 19 Appy Pie

In this post we are going to talk about working from home and how to make sure that your work doesn’t suffer, even as the COVID-19 pandemic is causing a massive upturn.

Here are the tips to work from home during COVID-19 pandemic and keep your productivity levels high:

#1 Establish & maintain a routine

By nature, humans are creatures of habit. Hence, whenever our routine is disrupted, there is a resultant emotional disturbance, hence the work suffers. For example, if you are used to getting up in the morning and working out, before getting dressed up for work, it will be a problem, if you simply get up at 9am and sit in front of your computer. This disorients your body and mind. Keeping the same routine (or as much as possible) is particularly important when you have children or pets in the house. Failure to do this will disrupt their lives and by extension, yours. So, wake children up at the same time, serve them breakfast at the same time, and try to maintain their class schedule so that they can continue to learn the way they did, when they were going to school. You can check out this course about Productivity Hacks on Academy by Appy Pie and make good use of your downtime.

#2 Communicate more & better

In any situation, if you are working from home, communication is key. This way, you and the entire team, including your boss will be on the same page, at all times. This becomes particularly important when it comes to small businesses or startups, because of their dynamic nature and ever-changing requirements. Work it out with your manager and your team whether it is a good idea to begin the day with a quick conversation so that the priorities for the day are sorted and there is no scope for miscommunication. Of course, there are multiple apps that can help you and your team work from home, but it still may be a challenge to put it in use while working from home. It’s good to use video calling apps, or create an enterprise app of your own, so that internal communication is at its best!

#3 Chalk time out for breaks

In office, you have access to other colleagues who may stop by for a bit, you may step out with people for a cup of coffee, or just go out for a walk. At home, however, it is easy to lose track of time. It may be tough to go out for short walks or go out for a coffee considering we are in a lock down situation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a break. Not only is it important to make sure that you do not exhaust yourself too soon, but also because your eyes need some rest. Do limit your screen time and pace yourself through the day. Take a deep breath and step away from your workspace.

#4 Get creative with your workspace

Identify a separate space at home. If you have a door to separate it from the rest of the house, you’re in luck. The idea is to ensure that you are physically in a different space as you work on your critical tasks. A defined space for work establishes boundaries for the children and other members of the family and lets them understand the work-time and down-time structure better.

It is a good idea to replicate your office space at home as closely as you can, to ensure greatest productivity. The environment, particularly your desk-space has a lot of impact on how you fare with your everyday goals.

#5 Set the right expectations

This is a very important practice for individuals, managers, and businesses in general. Working from home will always be different, particularly if you are new to this. It is important that you set the right expectations for yourself, and convey clearly to the bosses and the management.

In fact, it is important that you set the right expectations for your family as well. Tell your kids, partner, or other family members in the house what you expect from them, and what they should expect from you as you are working from home. In case there is any ambiguity, it can only lead to confusion and frustration for all involved.

#6 Stay true to your goals

The idea of working from home is that the work continues as if nothing is wrong. The panic is real, the stress is high, and the resources may be limited, but one effective way to deal with it all is to set your goals and stick to them. This way, you would be able to bring about a semblance of control over your actions, and not go berserk with all that is happening around you. Apart from the pandemic, it is important that you remember the impending economic crisis that we are headed for. It is important that you do justice to the company and your job, so that you still have one, after the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

#7 Dress for the job

Just because you can, don’t lounge around in your pajamas and sprawl on the bed leisurely. This is your real job, treat it like one. Follow your usual routine, wash up in the morning, and get dressed like you would for any other workday. This brings about a sense of professional responsibility and an attitude to work.

#8 Learn a new skill

There will be a lot of time on your hand, apart from your 9 hours of scheduled work. This is a great time to work on your skills. If possible, find a new skill that you can learn while sitting at home. Check out Academy by Appy Pie and you can enroll for any of the brilliant courses on the platform for free! No strings attached!

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