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By Snigdha | Last Updated on April 5th, 2021 10:28 am
Build Your Mobile Apps

Appy Pie online app builder makes developing your own mobile applications ridiculously easy. You can now create an app in a few minutes without any programming knowledge with the help of this free mobile app maker. Tap into a new target market by using the app builder to create and distribute a functional, industry-tailored mobile application designed to work with Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows devices. With literally a handful of clicks, you can have a monetized, sharable marketing tool for pennies on the dollar you’d pay a developer thanks to this convenient app-building software.

The online interface of the app generator moves smoothly from one step to the next, moving you through template selection and customization of the mobile app builder–allowing you to make an app with little stress. You select one of dozens of special feature setups–from author and musician apps to those for restaurants and hair stylists–and pass through a few quick steps in the app development software to insert your own photos and choose from a select number of background colors. The easy app maker empowers you to quickly become a trusted resource for your customer base.

iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows?
When you hire a developer, you often have to choose whether you want to make iPhone app projects, make Android apps or hire a Windows app maker or Blackberry app builder. With Appy Pie, you create hybrid applications that can work on numerous operating systems. An online Android app builder or Blackberry app builder wouldn’t make iOS app projects without doubling or tripling development fees. Android app makers may not be able to accurately convert a website into iPhone app projects because they are built with different programming languages. With the Android app generator, you can make your own Android and iOS apps simultaneously.

Best for Your Business
The next step allows you to integrate a number of online tools with your mobile application, including Facebook and blog links, an appointment setter, text and graphic pages and other embellishments to offer your users valuable tools and information. These features vary slightly based on the style of resource you want to develop with the mobile app builder software. There’s also a code entry selection allowing you to write your own code if you’d like. The Appy Pie Mobile App Creator truly does allow the layman to create an HTML5-friendly app with a slick drag-and-drop interface.

Before publishing, the app builder software does an overview of your project to make sure you’ve filled in all the necessary information you’ll need to create a functional product. With the App Maker, publishing is as easy as clicking a button. The wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) app builder is extremely easy to use and offers you the opportunity to design several apps for free before signing up for the paid app maker software subscription (containing advanced features). Appy Pie has several benefits as a mobile app creator which make it a perfect choice when building your next cross-platform mobile app.

You can check out the app creation software marketplace before you get started to see the number of projects already in use. Checking out these examples is great for ideation while planning your own project. The ease and affordability of the Appy Pie app creator is unmatched by other app builders, and allows extreme customization for a drag-and-drop app building software program. It’s the best app builder for mainstream projects for those without the ability to code.

The main benefit behind the app maker subscription services is distribution. The apps developed with the app maker program don’t just stay there. Seamlessly release your project on completion to major app marketplaces, such as iTunes and Google Play, as well as submission to Apple and Android’s app stores. Your customers won’t have any idea either. The white label mobile app builder facilitates the promotion of your company and services without drawing attention away from your brand. A mobile app builder white label feature makes it even more convenient to use Appy Pie’s drag and drop app builder vs. paying a developer big bucks to code a hybrid application by hand.

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