Top 10 Web Development Frameworks for 2018-19

By Aasif | August 25, 2018 12:00 pm
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App Builder Appy Pie: It is not really news that businesses today need to have a strong online presence and for that building a websiteA leading DIY website builder, Appy Pie allows you to build robust websites, making it easier for you to grow your business & your brand online. It’s because of our easy-to-use, drag and drop website builder that Appy Pie has had the privilege to work with world renowned brands. is of great importance. The internet and the digital world are evolving continuously and growing at an impressive rate. With this continuous evolution and growth, things are done a lot differently today with scope for experimentation.

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The new age customer is not easily impressed. Simply having an online presence is not enough to gain all the benefits that it can bring in. The customers today expect you to keep abreast of the latest trends and if you failed to do so, they are simply going to dismiss you as a brand that is outdated and not relevant today.

Now, this is precisely why your web developers need to keep on top of the latest trends pertaining to the web development framework. You would give you a greater opportunity to stay in sync with the latest developments and the chances of your turnovers sliding down are greatly minimized.

Now, there are multiple web development frameworks that are available for you to choose from and finding the one that suits you the best can turn into a nightmare if you didn’t even know where to begin. Here’s a list of my top 10, when it comes to picking out a web development framework.

1. Ruby on Rails

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Quite popularly referred to, as RoR, Ruby on Rails has emerged as one of the favorites among the web developers today. Since its launch in 2005, RoR is still completely free to use, is open source, and runs on Linux. It is fun to work with and is remarkably quick in getting you through the planning stage and on to the developmental stage. Some of the biggest websites that were built using RoR include Hulu, Airbnb, Basecamp among others.

2. Symfony

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This is one of the more stable frameworks and is ideal to be used for projects that are of a higher complexity. Using this framework, developers gain the ability to build websites that can change as the business requirements evolve with time. Any business would be inherently dynamic, and developing a website that does not have the ability to change, would not do well for long. It comprises of a set of PHP components, a community, and an application framework which can work really well in tandem to help the websites accomplish their objectives.

3. Angular JS

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One of the most popular and well-known frameworks – Angular.js comes from the digital giant of the day, Google. It is essentially a JavaScript open-source framework that can help you make single web-page applications using an MVC (Model-Controller-View) architectural pattern. It is not really a full stack framework, but you can consider it as a front-end framework which is great for handling your WebPages. If you are building an e-commerce site, it is important that you have Angular.js in your toolkit for great results.

4. React.js

An open-source JavaScript library, React.js is maintained by Facebook while being supported by a massive community of developers. Though it is an e-commerce website development tool, React.js is particularly useful in the development of user interface for the website applications.

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What is more interesting is that React is soon going to launch React Fibre – a reimplementation of ReactJs’ core algorithm. This is precisely why it is of absolute importance to include React.js in your list of tools when you are out to build a stellar e-commerce website.

5. Cake PHP

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A PHP framework is probably best suited when it comes to e-commerce website development and CakePHP is preferred by most developers when it comes to choosing one of the better tools in the written PHP format. A popular framework, CakePHP is created on the MCV (Model-Controller-View) model. What makes CakePHP particularly interesting is that the code for all your older projects may be reused through it. This in turn ends up saving the developers a whole lot of time and money by speeding up the whole process of web development.


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This is probably the most popular framework built by Microsoft and has managed to gain the respect of developers from all over the world. Established in the year 2002, is especially popular because of its ability to create rich and dynamic websites, web pages, and even web portals. In fact, a great number of companies from the world over prefer and deem it as the best technology in website development.

7. Node.js

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Node.js is decidedly the best when you are looking to build a lightweight, yet highly efficient website. It is uncanny how perfectly well it works with real-time applications that have a huge amount of data running through on distributed devices. Node.js is more than a mere framework. It has the ability to ensure scalability and fast network applications as they are capable of dealing with multiple applications at the same time without compromising on performance.

8. Yii Framework

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In it s essence, Yii Framework is strikingly similar to However, the framework is particularly good in developing applications for systems that need a certain repetitiveness in tasks and follows the Rapid Application Development (RAD) concept. This essentially means that the framework enables the developers to get their applications in a ‘good to go’ phase in a really short time. Additionally, it also lends you and easy data migration utility so that you can upgrade or downgrade the application versions on various installations.

9. Meteor

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Meteor, a JavaScript based framework enables fast software development and that is exactly why it is so popular. A full stack JavaScript framework, Meteor is composed of a collection of libraries and packages bundled together. The framework needs a lot fewer codes which goes on to indicate that there would be much lesser bugs and a product that would be highly scalable. This is what makes this framework especially beneficial for e-commerce web application development.

10. Laravel

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If you are looking to take care of the back-end e-commerce web development tools, Laravel is one of the tools that are an absolute must in your toolkit. Since it was first established in 2011, it has only shown great promise by delivering great results for the developers in the world over. An open-source PHP based framework, Laravel is built with the intent of creating only the best quality applications. The framework offers a system that is equipped with a dedicated dependency manager, has an inclination towards syntactic sugar, and helps in the application maintenance and deployment. This, is precisely why Laravel is considered the best PHP based framework and is considered one of the most important frameworks in building an e-commerce website.

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