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About Link Price Calculator

What is Link Price Calculator?

Link Price Calculator helps you to know the price of a link by using the Google AdWords Keyword Planner to get traffic estimations and the Moz Open Site Explorer to get the Domain Rating. The Link Price Calculator is the first tool that gives you a good estimate of the value of your links.

The tool shows each level of the link and calculates the cost of each level automatically, allowing you to easily see profits per tier and make decisions on which tier(s) to promote.

How does Link Price Calculator work?

Enter a URL in the above box and it will estimate monthly searches for keywords related to that website and calculates the Domain Rating for that site as well.

The tool then calculates the price of a link using these two metrics. It is important to note that Domain Rating is calculated using a logarithmic scale. This means that a website with a Domain Rating of 8 has twice as much value as a website with a Domain Rating of 4.

How accurate is Link Price Calculator?

The data used by Link Price Calculator is publicly available and can be subject to change at any point in time depending on how Google AdWords or Moz change their algorithms. However, we are reasonably confident about our analysis because Link Price Calculator uses data from both Moz and Google AdWords, which are the two most accurate and consistent sources for data about links.