11 Social Media Tricks to Make Your Event the Next Big Thing

By Jayraj | Last Updated on December 2nd, 2020 6:26 am | 4-min read
11 Tips to Incorporate Social Media into Event Marketing - Appy Pie

Turning an event from a boring drag to the talk of the town comes down to how you market it. Marketing is half the battle, as they say. Today, marketing an event is mostly done through social media. Sure, goodies and fancy invitations are still popular practice, bigger events predominantly use social media. The simple reason why there is a switch to social media is because ROI for marketing through social media is very high.

The success of an event can be attributed to the audience that interacts with it, and social media just happens to give a business a global audience. That said, one must market it just right.

11 Tips to Incorporate Social Media into Event Marketing - Appy Pie

In this blog, we’re going to look at the finer aspects of marketing through social media. To learn how to market and manage your event from its baby steps, here is a free course for you.

The tips given below are meant to be the little things you can do to make a major impact on your event. These tips are a lot of work, but they enhance the air of popularity around your events and can make your upcoming events an even bigger draw than usual.

Let us go into them in more detail.

Pre-Event Marketing

Your marketing begins the day the event date is fixed. However, there is a lot to be done apart from marketing. Our Event Planning Checklist will help you do just that. While you prepare for the event, the marketing team must be ready to blow social media up with your event, and here are 8 ways to do that.

  1. Begin with a Hashtag
  2. Social media works on hashtags. Give your event a catchy yet relevant name that connects back to your brand. Make sure to include your branding in your event name and create a hashtag. You can use the hashtag to create hype for your event. You must ensure that your hashtag is easy to write and remember. It should be catchy too.

    Creating hashtags is also the best way to keep track of the conversations about your event. A well-timed hashtag will be useful even after the event has been completed (discussed later). Begin promoting your hashtag at the earliest.

  3. Tease and Aggrandize your Event
  4. Sit down with your design team. Start with a teaser poster on Instagram. Cross-post the teaser poster on other social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Follow this up with a teaser event video trailer on YouTube. Use your hashtags at every turn.

    Use press releases and news to give your audience hints as to what your event might contain. Give them reasons to come to your event but don’t give them too much. Maintain the suspense of your event the best you can.

  5. Tailoring Content for Social Media
  6. Go deeper with teasing your event by creating specialized content for individual social media. Create a filter for your Instagram, start a tweet bombing campaign of content and news about how your event’s preparations are going, and create a Facebook album of preparations. Double down and use the pictures from Facebook to create professional interest on LinkedIn. Make a landing page for your event.

    You can go further and try to hire influencers to promote the event. Send special goodies for them to ‘unbox’. Create an influencer campaign around your event, if the budget affords it. Use your YouTube to share information and your reasons for creating this event. Spread out as wide as possible on social media to reach out to the most possible audience.

  7. Respond to People Who Ask Questions
  8. Give people who ask questions about the event informative answers. Make sure you let them know what they can look forward to. Disclose the name of the guests that will be attending the event, a possible event timeline, and general queries about venue and timings.

    Assign someone to this task entirely. Even during the event, make sure that this activity goes on. It’s good for your brand and not too hard to achieve.

  9. Host Event Giveaways
  10. Giveaways are a great way to attract attention to your event. Declare special giveaways for attendees. Capitalize on FOMO (fear of missing out) and maximize your attendance. Make sure the giveaways are exciting. Create social contests and give them passes, VIP access, special gifts, and much more.

  11. Behind-The-Scenes Sneak Peeks
  12. It is likely that your event will generate a buzz in the industry way before it actually happens. You need to nurture the initial attention you receive. To do that, create and use behind-the-scenes sneak peeks. Click photographs, shoot cam videos, and ‘leak’ them. BTS moments are a great way to ensure that the buzz keeps rising towards the day of the event.

    If your event continues for multiple days, you can generate a significant amount of buzz using BTS footage. FOMO plays a critical role in this too and ensures that you get proper attention throughout the event.

  13. Create a Countdown
  14. An official countdown meter is an added cherry on the top. It creates hype. Create a countdown on each social media. Countdowns raise excitement and make people more enthusiastic about your events.

  15. Live Event Posts
  16. This tip is meant for event posts during the event. Live updates via Twitter and in some cases, a Live feed is a great way to keep people hooked even from home. Live updates and feeds have made multi-day events experience higher attendance over the course of each event day. In a way, live event posts maintain the hype through the timeline of your business event.

Post-Event Marketing

Event marketing does not end with the event. Marketing an event can be taken further. Post-event marketing is a legitimate activity that has long term effects on your social channels and future events. Post-event marketing is a good practice to build up a brand’s reputation. A successful event can still be marketed to the people. Here are three ways to do that:

  1. Post User-Generated Content
  2. People are bound to add their experience at your event on their social channels. Share/Cross post their celebrations with your created hashtags to show off your event. Doing this conveys how enthusiastic you were about your event and how much you enjoyed hosting people. It is a good brand reputation building exercise that bodes well for your future business events.

  3. Event Highlight Reel
  4. Make sure you record your event with professional videographers. A few weeks after the event, make sure to create a highlight reel and blast it across your social media. The audience that missed out on the event can recap all the best moments from it.

    Don’t post the entire event. Post enough to tease the people who missed it. When you organize such an event again, these people will attend the event any way they can.

  5. Post Event Survey
  6. Create a public survey for the people who attended the event. Get their feedback to know how they felt about the event. You can further use this information to record and analyze the success of your events. Good feedback can be published across your social media to play on your audience’s FOMO.


That’s all, folks! These 11 social media event marketing tricks can be used to get more people to attend your events. Events are also an excellent brand building exercise. Before you go, check out our Academy. Appy Pie’s Academy provides excellent courses for marketing on various social media. All courses are free to view. Good Luck!

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