9 Salesforce Integrations That You Should Use For Your Business

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By Alok Kumar | Last Updated on June 20th, 2022 2:07 pm | 4-min read

Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM platforms that you can get. Most major companies across the world use Salesforce to get the most out of their leads. Salesforce has been instrumental in the success of many businesses around the world.

However, in today’s fast-paced business environment, having a good software solution isn’t enough. Modern software needs to communicate and work together automatically. However, most software still lacks proper integration support. Sometimes, even existing integrations aren’t enough.

Businesses can have very specific use cases that require them to either manually do the work or create special protocols to ensure the smooth functioning of their business. However, there is a modern-day solution. Workflow automation is a rising class of software that can allow you to create automated custom integration and workflows. This allows you to integrate various software like Salesforce with any software that you desire.

Workflow automation software is a codeless interface meaning that anyone can create an automated workflow for themselves. If you are reading this, you’re in the right place. Appy Pie offers an excellent workflow automation solution. Called Appy Pie Connect, Appy Pie’s workflow automation solution can be used to integrate over 150 software and can create 1000+ integrations and automated workflows.

It also lets you create your own integrations for Salesforce. Here are some of the most popular Salesforce integrations:

  1. Salesforce+Google Calendar Integration: Another interesting integration is between Salesforce and Google Calendar. You can automatically schedule events through customer details obtained from Salesforce. This integration can meet unique business needs.
    1. You can save Salesforce Events to your Google Calendar
    2. New leads on Salesforce can be added to Google Calendar for a scheduled meeting automatically
    3. The start of an event’s start can create new opportunities in Salesforce

  2. Salesforce + Outlook Integration: Appy Pie offers you the ability to integrate Salesforce and Outlook. With Outlook’s webmail features and Salesforce CRM, you can turn your sales teams into a powerhouse. Here are some of the integrations on offer:
    1. A new account in Salesforce is automatically added to your Outlook and 365 account as a contact.
    2. New products in Salesforce creates new events in Outlook
    3. New emails in Outlook are added as New contacts in Salesforce

  3. Salesforce+Hubspot Integration: Salesforce and Hubspot are two competent software that many businesses around the world use. Appy Pie offers unique integrations for the two software that can help you automate the simplest of tasks.
    1. New Leads in Salesforce creates new tickets in Hubspot
    2. New leads in Salesforce can be added to specific workflows within Hubspot
    3. New event in Salesforce can create a new event in Hubspot

  4. Salesforce+Mailchimp Integration: Mailchimp is one of the most used email marketing software that organizes all your leads in one convenient place. Combined with Salesforce, a Mailchimp integration can automate key business tasks.
    1. New contacts in Salesforce are added to your Mailchimp email list
    2. You can create Mailchimp subscribers from new Salesforce leads
    3. New Mailchimp lists can be added as new opportunities in Salesforce

  5. Salesforce+Gmail Integration: Some businesses use Gmail for convenient communication with customers. While Salesforce supports Gmail, there are certain functionalities that can only be had through an integration.
    1. New emails with attachments in Gmail can be added to Salesforce
    2. New events in Salesforce can be created as a draft in Gmail
    3. New emails in Gmail are automatically listed as New leads

  6. Salesforce+Zendesk Integration: Salesforce is an excellent CRM. However, companies commonly use cloud-based software such as Zendesk for their customer support needs. With an integration between the two, you can truly enhance the customer experience in various ways.
    1. New leads in Salesforce can be added as new contacts in Zendesk
    2. Records updated in Salesforce and Zendesk can be synced together automatically
    3. New leads in Salesforce create a new user in Zendesk

  7. Salesforce+Slack Integration: Slack is a team collaboration software used by 11 million businesses around the world. With an integration between Salesforce and Slack, you can get more done and automate certain key processes within your organization.
    1. Create Slack messages for new leads in Salesforce
    2. Automatic teamwide notifications in Slack every time a new Opportunity is registered in Salesforce
    3. Send Slack notifications for new tasks in Salesforce

  8. Salesforce+Teams Integration: Similar to Slack, Microsoft Teams is the tool of choice for larger enterprises around the world. Teams is an amazing tool that when integrated into Salesforce finds solutions for a lot of problems.
    1. Send a channel message each time a new lead is added in Salesforce
    2. Notifications are automatically sent when a new event is created in Salesforce
    3. New messages sent in Teams when accounts are created in Salesforce

  9. Salesforce+Trello Integration: Trello is a communication app for small and medium sized organizations. It uses a more graphical interface and many organizations prefer Trello to other team communication platforms.
    1. Add Trello cards for new contacts in Salesforce
    2. Archived cards are turned into new opportunities in Salesforce
    3. New leads are added as new members in Trello

Summing Up

Salesforce is an excellent tool that can be made better with certain simple integrations through Appy Pie Connect. Appy Pie Connect currently offers a free trial that you can utilize and create your own integrations as you please. Appy Pie also offers integrations for other software. Check it out today!

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