• he help with the issue i was having …

    he help with the issue i was having with my app and i appricate it and feel very please with help and support

    19 minutes ago

    - Emmanuel Pimentel

  • Joel has been so far the best guy I've …

    Joel has been so far the best guy I've communicated with on Appypie, straight to the point, understanding and very patient. He's worth more than a 5 start 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

    2 hours ago

    - Elphinehas Emeje

  • for assistance

    for assistance, help and support, and service

    3 days ago

    - Gianpaolo Esse

  • extremely helpful

    They are extremely helpful in every sense of the word and always go out of their way to make sure you are taken care of.

    3 days ago

    - Ryan Kornblatt

  • Good Support not Good option

    app pie support is fast but services is not at the best level you would expect. Don't get yearly plan till you dig deep into the app and their terms&policy. Not satisfied with appypie at all.

    2 weeks ago

    - Flavours

  • Wonderful experience always available …

    Wonderful experience always available to help with any questions I have. Easy modifications with apps and the representatives are always understanding and make sure all my questions are answered.

    3 weeks ago

    - Rhonda Jones

  • Great customer service

    Great customer service. Very quick and knowlegable

    3 weeks ago

    - Billy Hilson

  • At first cold but finally great

    At first, it was a little confusing and cold. But, after a little while, we did it. Nick was kind and could help me.

    3 weeks ago

    - Leslie

  • Nick provided excellent troubleshooting …

    Nick provided excellent troubleshooting explanations for my issues in getting my class on track. He was also very patient.

    3 weeks ago

    - Rashid Moore

  • I like Appy Pie

    I like Appy Pie. You will too. Responsive and Professional service. Highly recommend.

    3 weeks ago

    - C. Campbell

  • "Vik"

    well, i had two opportunities to work with "Vik" - the first wasn't so impressive albeit the second time was great, thus, its a 4 instead of a 5.

    4 weeks ago

    - Terrance McNeill

  • Had a ton of fun making the App with …

    Had a ton of fun making the App Double Header Shopping for, using appy pie. Impressed everyone i know with the app. And the customer service at appy pie is superb. Five stars, really cool what you can do despite not knowing any coding or programming. A lot of downloading images, resizing, screenshots, and the whole thing isn't hard for anyone who's grown up with computers like myself. Thanks so much!! (And shout out to Vik his customer service was perfection personified, dealt with stressed out me with kindess and helped a ton!)

    4 weeks ago

    - Naftali Garber

  • Great Customer Service

    I chatted with Sam who answered all my question about the site & service. Sam explained the terms of the database, licensing & support. Sam was straight to the point, professional, informative & I have absolutely no suspicions or hesitation about this company. Not to mention I've been shopping around other companies & this company provides the elements that's needed for my app. I look forward to doing business with AppPie. Thank you Sam

    4 weeks ago

    - Hannah


    DO NOT USE THEM. You cannot publish your app On Apple Store! Any sort app you build with them cannot be published on Apple Store. They will not tell you that. Waste of my time!

    a month ago

    - David

  • Great service in building our app …

    Great service in building our app "Kerz". Support personnel are outstanding

    a month ago

    - Jim kdeen

  • Very happy with the service I have …

    Very happy with the service I have received and the ease of use.

    a month ago

    - Jarrod

  • He did a great job and really helped me …

    He did a great job and really helped me to get my app finished and published. He answered all of my questions and was there for me when I called multiple times.

    a month ago

    - sacred life

  • Great Set-up

    Great Set-up, Great Help & Allows for Amazing Apps to be Created! Great job!

    a month ago

    - John Patrick

  • Love them

    Love them! They are so helpful and fast responding. I really looking forward to working with them on a regular basis. This will be my second app I have made with them.

    a month ago

    - Lydia Dupra

  • I would recommend this company to …

    I would recommend this company to anyone.

    a month ago

    - Oluyen Tomiwa

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