Build a Q&A Chatbot for FAQs & Knowledge Base without Coding

How to Create an FAQ Chatbot in 3 Easy Steps?

Follow these steps to make your own FAQ Chatbot:

  • Write your chatbot’s name
  • Select a unique name to help your chatbot stand out

  • Select the bot type
  • Select answer bot as bot type and add your brand name to make it perfect

  • Select bot personality
  • Select the personality that you want your answer bot to have

  • Train your bot
  • Train your bot by adding questions and answers and ensuring that it provides correct answers to the questions.

  • Launch your FAQ Chatbot
  • Publish your FAQ chatbot

Benefits of Using an FAQ Chatbot For Your Business

Here are a few major benefits of using an FAQ chatbot for your business.

  1. Quick Answers:
  2. An FAQ chatbot allows your users to ask as many questions and answers all their queries quickly. Your clients no longer need to wait in the queues to speak to one of your live agents.

  3. Smart Bots:
  4. You can train your FAQ chatbots as per your business preferences and users’ behavior. These bots understand the users’ intent of the question and answer their queries accordingly.

  5. Enhanced Customer Service:
  6. Appy Pie’s FAQ bots help you deliver the best possible customer service experience. This helps you better connect with your users.

  7. Fulltime Availability:
  8. Appy Pie’s FAQ bots work round the clock and remain available for your customers all the time. Your users no longer need to stay in the queue waiting for a live agent.

  9. Increased Customer Engagement:
  10. Appy Pie’s FAQ Bot helps you keep your customers engaged and connected with your brand. They interact with your customers and help them feel that they will be helped with their issues and queries.

Features of FAQ Chatbot

Here are the top three features that Appy Pie’s QnA Maker offers.

  1. In-built Knowledge Bases:
  2. Appy Pie’s QnA Maker allows you to build an FAQ chatbot with built-in knowledgebases. You can add questions and answers to these knowledgebase articles based on your brand and products. These bots are not only beneficial for the external users but also, they can help your support team find answers to their queries too.

  3. Alternative Questions:
  4. This is one of the best features of Appy Pie’s QnA bots. The chatbot for FAQ allows you to add alternative questions to the main question so that the bot answers correctly if the main or any similar question is asked. It helps users find answers to their queries fast.

  5. Easy-to-use Interface:
  6. Appy Pie’s QnA maker bot provides you with an easy-to-use interface that you can use to create your own FAQ bot in just a few clicks.

How FAQ Chatbot helps Your Users?

When creating your own FAQ bot using Appy Pie’s FAQ Chatbot Builder, you first add your brand name to the bot. You must make a little research to know what kind of questions users are asking when interacting with other brands that offer similar products. And try to add this list of questions to your bot to make it ready to use.

That was your part in the bot usage. Let us now check out how it works for your clients. As soon as users initiate the chat with your bot, it will ask for the query they have and will provide them with the relevant answer. If unable to, the bot will transfer the chat to the live agent.