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Appy Pie’s journey with no-code is a well-documented one. Our true goal is to simplify development with the help of various no-code tools empowering businesses to create their own digital solutions. And the best way we’ve found to improve our product offerings is by using them for our business processes. We recently implemented our newest solutions – Appy Pie Chatbot and Appy Pie Live Chat.


Challenge 1(Lead Generation):

At our core, we are a B2B service provider. Most of our clients and customers are business owners of various scales and sizes. We needed to drastically increase our business efficiency. However, we were losing a significant amount of potential customers and visitors because their questions weren’t being answered. We concluded that our current lead generation model was leaking and we needed an immediate solution.

Challenge 2(Customer Support):

Customer support is an integral part of Appy Pie. Since our product suite is at the bleeding edge of development technology, good customer support is vital for everyone to understand how to use our tools.

Customers with complex use cases often contact our 24*7 support centers for help. Our internal surveys found that many of our support personnel could not handle Appy Pie’s growing customer base. It got to a point where 3 out of 10 potential customers couldn’t get the support they needed in time because of the increasing volume of customer requests. We wanted to make our support center more efficient.

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Given the fact that we are rapidly increasing our product lineup, we needed a scalable support and lead generation solution which we had just designed and launched the right no-code tools for it.

Solution 1(Lead Generation Bot):

We created a lead generation chatbot and deployed it on our product pages. Whenever a user registered their interest or wanted to know more about our new offerings and/or more information on the specifics of existing products, our lead generation chatbot asked them a set of questions that helped us understand what they wanted. The chatbot then shared this information with our sales teams who would go on to contact the customers and address their requirements, converting more leads by showing them the true value in our products.

Solution 2(Live Chat and Customer-facing bots):

Live chat was implemented for our support teams providing our customers another way to interact with us. Live chat by Appy Pie can also be found on our web pages. It works through a simple integration with our website builder software and is visible in the bottom right corner whenever you visit one of our product pages.

Apart from the lead generation bot, we have also implemented two other chatbots. One of them is used for our subscription cancellation process. The chatbot tries to understand why our users are cancelling their subscriptions, and the data it compiles helps us improve our various no-code tools. The second chatbot is used to collect user feedback and can conduct user surveys.


The lead generation bot directly increased our lead conversion rate from 10.1%to 12.7% after the chatbot was deployed. More information gathered from the users helped our sales teams address their issues and queries more effectively. The average time taken to close a sale was also reduced by upto 9% since the chatbot was launched.

After a recent user survey conducted through our new feedback chatbot, we have found that 71% of our users prefer live chat support instead of email and phone support. Surprisingly, many recent user reviews have praised our capability to provide customer support for our various tools and software.

The subscription cancellation chatbot has helped us identify key pain points in our AppMakr and Connect products that we are addressing on improving. The bot has helped us retain a staggering 45% of unsubscribing customers by either reducing their subscription price or getting them in touch with a live chat support agent to guide them through the no-code process. The cancelation bot has also helped us implement over 35 new quality of life changes that enhance customer experience.

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