All new Loyalty Program Feature now loaded with the QR Code Scanner

Appy Pie, the cloud-based mobile app builder has revised the Loyalty Coupon feature by adding on the QR Code facility to it.

QR code mobile apps are being used in various industries to engage customers, increase sales, and win customers’ loyalty. QR codes make it easy for customers to check in at locations to register visits, and these mobile apps make it possible for businesses to offer special rewards and discounts for shoppers who make use of the technology. For customers from different demographics, the rewards offered by their QR code mobile apps unify shoppers around the desire for a great deal.

With the QR Code generating facility now available with Appy Pie’s app builder, apps made with it can boast of the remarkable ability to drive customer engagement with the help of the customer’s mobile phones in a much faster and more convenient way.

“QR code for loyalty coupons can now be easily generated, downloaded and printed for use. Driving these loyalty programs has become simpler since it’s easier to scan a code compared to punching in numbers. It is a faster means of validation and helps minimize the risk of leaks,” concluded Abhinav Girdhar, founder o

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