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Innovative app ideas take flight with Appy Pie Native App Development services

As a leading mobile company, Appy Pie follows a native approach to app development that allows app owners to update their apps with latest OS features, without any hassle.

At Appy Pie, we have a team of experienced and qualified native app developers who go the extra mile to better understand your requirements, and come up with effective app solutions that best fit your demand and budget.

Over the years, our team has successfully delivered more than 10000 script-free native app projects, keeping in mind client’s innovative input and selection of specific services. With industry-proven methodologies, our experts develop next generation customizable native applications that gives app owners better access to full range of in-built capabilities of smartphones, such as camera, microphone, GPS, calendar, etc.

Our native app development services provide multitude of benefits to app owners, including:

  • Fast performance
  • Eye catching UX/UI design
  • Cost-effective and secure development
  • Insights of user behavior
  • 100% quality assurance
  • Cutting-edge development strategies and methodologies
  • 24/7 support across all time zones over email, chat or phone

Why choose Appy Pie for native app development?

  • 7+ years of experience in native app development
  • Rated 9.7 out of 10 on Trustpilot
  • 126+ countries served
  • 24*7 support by a team of 30+ executives
  • A team of 100+ native app developers

Contact us to know more about outreaching your business goals via our native app development services!

Advantages of using Native Apps

It has become essential for every business to create a mobile application. This has made it crucial for businesses to be aware of the various advantages of using native apps. Few of them are listed below.

  1. Safer
  2. Native Apps are safer in comparison to web apps as web apps depend on technologies like CSS, HTML5, JavaScript, and different browsers. Users get high-end-data-protection when using Native Apps.

  3. Provide access to complete feature set of devices
  4. Apps developed for any specific platform take the complete benefits of the features of the software and operating system. The native apps get direct access to the hardware of the device such as a microphone, GPS, camera, etc. to run smoothly and get a bit faster in the process of execution.

  5. Offer Optimum Performance
  6. An app for a certain platform is optimized with native app development. As an effect, the application provides a proficient operational efficiency. The fact that these applications are built for a specific platform makes them highly fast and responsive. These platform-specific apps are more efficient as they are compiled after using core APIs and programming languages of platforms. These apps load quickly as the content and visual elements already get stored in the mobile device while the user navigates through them.

  7. Interactive and Intuitive
  8. When it comes to user input and output, native Apps are smoother and more interactive. This is the top-most advantage of the native apps that they feel like an integrated part of the device as they inherit the device’s Operating System Interface. The apps enhance user experience as they remain stick to the guidelines.

Native apps help you deliver greater personalized experience by offering enhanced performance, excellent user experience. These great advantages of the native app help you attain higher conversion rates. Go for Appy Pie’s Native App Builder and create one for you!

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