Push Notifications

Send Push Notifications to your iPhone & Android App Users

  1. Login to Appy Pie and go to My Apps.
  2. Click on View More and go to Push Notifications.
  3. Select user group and enter your notification message.
  4. Schedule the notification and set an alert tone.
  5. Choose the platforms and send the notification.

Improve your customers experience by sending them unlimited push notifications, about a sale, or a new product or service, at the right time and right place to improve sales and ROI. Speak directly to your unknown app users, keep them engaged and convert them into potential customers. Prolong the life of your app by targeting customers’ interest with promotional push notifications, so that they stay connected, rather than being annoyed.

Push Notifications to a Specific User

Send personalized push notifications to the specific users, so that they keep returning back for your products and services or keep them engaged by sending discount offers time to time. Create and broadcast push notifications across different channels so that you don’t miss the opportunity of converting your customers into business.

Push Notifications to a Specific Category

Now send push notifications to a specific category, and let users know what’s new. Optimize your push notifications to streamline and segment your user base. Encourage group users to act instantly by offering them limited time incentives and offers. Seamlessly create personalized push notifications for specific category, and send it at the right time to garner more business.

Geo Push Notifications

Locate your app users in a particular geographical area, and send real-time push notifications about latest news, special offers, and
discount coupons. Set your specific geographical area, and send
hyper-contextualized messages to your app users at the right time,
to improve customer satisfaction, and drive more sales.

Geo Fencing

Take advantage of geo fencing, and send unlimited push notifications, when app users get in or out, of the particular geographical area. It’s easy and simple, just set geo fencing areas, and trigger push notifications to promote special offers and drive more traffic. Create dynamic or static segments of users, based on their location, to keep them engaged like never before.

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