As the year comes to an end, it is time to plan ahead and take a look at the latest trends that would define the roadmap for your app and your business.

In this post we are going to talk about the top app trends and predictions which are going to define the way your app and your business are going to evolve in the year ahead.

The predictions are based on hard statistics, and the trends that we have listed hereunder would only get stronger for the next 5 years.


1. Increase in Consumer Spending

The customers on app stores are getting comfortable spending their money on the platform. The premier app market data analytics company App Annie predicts that the consumer spending in the app stores would cross $122 billion in the year 2020.
If this prediction comes true, it will indicate that the app store consumer spend is growing at a pace five times that of the overall global economy. This impressive rise would largely be attributed to the growth in demand for gaming apps.

Increase in Consumer Spending

2. AI Driven Development

Advanced tools and technologies powered by Artificial Intelligence are being used by more and more organizations in their development phase. This is why a need for easy-to-use tools, which make sense for the app developers and not just for the data scientists, is emerging rapidly. Hence, by the year 2022, 40 percent of all new app development projects would have co-developers with expertise in Artificial Intelligence – predicts Gartner.

AI Driven Development

3. Increase in Mobile Gaming

This is more of an addendum to the first trend in the list and the analytics company says that in the coming year, casual gamers who take up simple games, together with the hard-core gamers would play an instrumental role in driving the global mobile gaming market. In 2020, the combined market share of platforms like PC/Mac, console, handheld and mobile would take up 60% of the cumulative gaming market.

Increase in Mobile Gaming

4. Blockchain to Become Popular

Blockchain as a technology has the scope and potential to change the course and shape of the industrial landscape by leveraging decentralized trust, ensuring transparency of functioning, and minimizing friction across business ecosystems. Blockchain is only now beginning to get the attention from most of the new age CIOs (Chief Information Officers) as they are gauging the possibilities of this controversial technology. The early adopters like Maersk and Walmart are already in the phase of expanding and strengthening their pilot programs into more elaborate structures.

Blockchain to Become Popular

5. Video Streaming on Mobile

For every sixty minutes that the customers in 2020 would be spending on consuming media, 10 minutes would be spent on watching videos streamed on mobile devices. Among all these videos being streamed the leaders would include short-form video apps like YouTube, social video apps like Tik Tok, in addition to the increasing number of short-form videos being published on Instagram and Snapchat.

Video Streaming on Mobile

6. Immersive User Experience

As technology is evolving with time, the lines between the physical or the real world and the digital world is disappearing. The different ways in which this evolution is taking place, is referred to today as immersive technology. Right from the conversational platforms that have brought about a paradigm shift in the way people interact with the digital world to the augmented, virtual, and mixed reality which has transformed the way the digital world is perceived by people, the cumulative change in perception and interaction models will pave the path to increasingly immersive user experiences.

Immersive User Experience

7. Stringent Digital Ethics and Privacy

Ethics and data privacy is emerging as one of the prime concerns for all the stakeholders (including individuals, organizations, and even governments) in the rapidly evolving and dynamic digital ecosystem. In this vulnerable and highly charged environment, the focus on compliance, risk reduction, and a robust value system is bound to grow in future – predicts Gartner.

Immersive User Experience

8. Increased Popularity of In-App Ads

In 2020, App Annie says that another 60% of the apps would monetize through in-app advertising. This is largely because now mobile has already earned the status of major growth market for digital advertising.

Immersive User Experience

Wrapping Up

What worked well in 2019 is not going to keep working for you in 2020. Change is the rule of the game and it is time to acknowledge it!

As the year ends, it is time that you prepare yourself for the upcoming new year, new trends, and the new demands from your customers. The trends that I just listed would help you get a clearer picture of what the coming year has in store for you.

Abide by these trends while developing new apps in the coming year or when you are launching a new version of your existing app, and I guarantee you that you would see the difference it would make for you in this brand-new year!


  • Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by highly advanced machines, especially computer systems.

  • Blockchain Technology

    Blockchain is the first technology that allows the transfer of digital ownership in a decentralized way.

  • In-App Ads

    In-App Ads is one of the most popular monetization strategies, in which app owners get paid to serve ads on their app.

  • Data Privacy

    Data Privacy is the aspect of information technology (IT) that deals with the ability of an organization to preserve and protect any personal information collected by the customers

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