How To Use Google Analytics To Monitor Your App’s Success?

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Google Analytics offers you the free tools to analyze data for your business in one place, so you can make smarter decisions. It monitors and analyses various parameters across your business platforms. Google Analytics gives you opportunities to improve your mobile app as it tracks users’ behavior, in-app activities, segment target audience, and much more.

Investing your time and efforts to understand the working of Google Analytics can benefit you in many ways. It can help you in understanding:

  • The overall amount of traffic on your app
  • Individual page traffic
  • Lead generation
  • Demographic information of installers
  • User retention rate
  • In-app payments and revenue
  • Navigation paths of users

Other then the mentioned parameters, Google Analytics can trace several changes in users’ activity. Before knowing more about Google Analytics, you can go through some of its statistics:

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Google Analytics for apps can specifically benefit from improving the success rate of your app. If you are unaware of the importance of Google Analytics for business, you must proceed to the next section.

Benefits of Google Analytics

Google Analytics has a great number of benefits that can guide you to increase downloads of your app. Let us explore a few of them:

  • Unlike other analytical tools, Google Analysis is available for free on the web and can be easily used for monitoring and analyzing purposes.
  • GA provides you with information on the geographical locations of users. Understanding the location can help you customize your marketing strategies.
  • Google Analytics can bring the clarity in goals and targets of your mobile app. It offers support of numerous tools, customized dashboards, graphs, and charts to restructure your targets.
  • To target a specific audience, you can use Google Analytics. It assists in segmenting your audience based on several parameters. Knowing the interests and behavior of a specific category of users can help you in optimizing your app.
  • You can easily find the traffic volume for your app with Google Analytics. It supports in knowing the number of users of your competitor’s app and compare the statistics with your app.

If you wish to track the performance of your mobile app efficiently, you can go with Google Analytics. You can learn more about Google Analytics with the help of this video:

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After getting a brief on benefits, you must be curious to know how to judiciously use Google Analytics for the success of your apps. Let us proceed with the next section for some powerful tips to take maximum advantage of Google Analytics.

Tips To Use Google Analytics To Monitor Your App’s Success

Google Analytics can do wonders for your app. To enjoy most of the benefits of GA, you can go with the few tips mentioned below:

  • Receive Updates Via Email
  • Rather than browsing GA for a few hours to locate the required data, you can create custom alerts. By setting up the custom alerts, you can get email updates each time changes (in terms of user’s activities) happen in your mobile app. You can customize the parameters for email updates as per your requirement.

  • Track App Installers
  • Track the number of app installs with the help of Google Analytics. By tracking the app installers, you can easily discover the pages and social media channels that routed the users to your app and which channels need to be revamped.

  • Customize Dashboards
  • With a feature of “Customize dashboards”, you can make your Analytics dashboard based on the required information. A good dashboard efficiently analyzes the progression app. You can view and analyze multiple reports on a single dashboard with the help of GA.

  • Know What Users Enjoy
  • Google Analytics mobile app metrics can help you in collecting data related to revenue from each user, average session duration, number of views, time spent by unique users on various sections, and many more. You can utilize this data to know the interests of your users.

  • Segmentation of Audience
  • Segmentation of your audience in terms of habits, interests, and other parameters, allow you to target them precisely. You can utilize Google Analytics to subgroup your audience and analyze them separately. Several template segmentation schemes help you to refine the data for analysis and improve the app accordingly.

  • Create Remarketing Campaigns
  • Sometimes users do not buy your mobile apps solely because of the non-impressive content of landing page. Other similar reasons can also stop your users to download mobile apps. In that case, you need to create a little push with remarketing techniques to convince them. You can use the Google Analytics tool to track the reactions of people, create remarketing campaigns, and observing key statistics. Utilize various tools of GA to remarket your potential users and turning them into regular customers.

To improve your remarketing campaigns, you can connect Google Ads with Google Analytics as mentioned below.

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Summing Up

Google Analytics can assist you in improving the overall sales of your mobile app. It provides you a variety of dashboards, analysis charts, unique tools, and insightful reports to track the progress of your mobile app. GA offers every opportunity to improve your mobile app, diversify marketing and remarketing campaigns, revamping the landing pages, and much more to increase your downloads.

Launching an attractive and interactive mobile app must not be the sole reason to design your app. You must monitor and analyze the behavior of users and target a specific audience to increase the installation rate of your mobile apps. By monitoring the activities of users at a granular level, you can make better strategies for your mobile app.

Do you think Google Analytics can change the way you make the progress report of your mobile app? Which of the tools do you like most in Google Analytics? Tell us in the comment section.

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