Make your own Radio App with Appy Pie’s Radio app builder

Even though we have things like music-on-demand with apps like Spotify and we can buy any song any time from places like iTunes and the Google Play Store, a lot of us still like to listen to the radio. It’s low maintenance so you just turn it on and it goes by itself. It’s great background noise for when you’re working and it’s still among the best ways to discover new music.

Are there great ways to listen to the radio on the phone? The answer is yes, with  cool radio apps now available for both iPhones and Androids. For all you music aficionados out there, including RJs, DJs and musicians trying to promote themselves, check out the cool radio app builder from Appy Pie .

With the ability to create radio apps for your online radio station hosted either on Shoutcast or Icecast , it supports all streams like   AAC, AAC+, HE-AAC+. It also Supports SoundClould, Virtual Dj, Wowza, Auto Dj and more.

With Radio working as a Background Service, the radio app also displays the name of the song and its Artist and currently offers the Play/pause options only. More such feature additions are expected shortly.

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