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Not every issue needs the undivided attention of a live agent. By creating a repository of articles and FAQs with our Knowledge Base software, your customers can find answers to all their questions without waiting for an agent.

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Use this unique knowledge management software to easily customise your help articles for search engines & social media to help it rank high & get greater visibility. This ensures that your customers can find you and your content faster.

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Receive feedback from your customers in the form of votes and comments on all your help articles. Update your content regularly using our unique knowledge base software and keep your customers informed and satisfied

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Help Center Customisation

Use our one of a kind knowledge management software to customize your knowledge base with your brand colors, logo, header images, links, domain, and dozens of other options, including custom CSS and JavaScript

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More Knowledge Base Features

Specify custom domain for your knowledge base with the help of CNAME. Map your Help Centre to your domain and make it a true extension of your organization and brand using knowledge management software
Decide who can access which content on your help center. With this unique knowledge base software you can make provisions for users to Sign Up for special or premium access
Use custom and social media links in the help center.
Using our one of a kind knowledge base software, you can view exactly what your articles will look like, for your customers before you publish them
With this efficient knowledge management software, you have the ability to save your work as draft and add, edit or publish the articles as per your convenience
Maintain a hierarchy of category and folders to sort your articles under various themes and genres and keep the entire knowledge base organized

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Enabling self-help with a knowledge base software ensures that your customers can search for and solve most of their issues and get answers to the most frequently asked questions on their own. This reduces the number of tickets that the agents have to deal with.

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With a customer help center built using our knowledge management software, the repetitive queries will be handled by the comprehensive articles added to the knowledge base. This means that your agents will be able to focus better on the more complex and tough tickets that need hands-on help.

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Reduce customer frustration

Instead of waiting for an agent's answer, the self-service portal based on a strong knowledge management software ensures that the customers are provided with the right solutions the moment they ask a question, reducing the overall wait time.

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Appy Pie’s Knowledge Base Software

Helps you build an efficient Knowledge Base for happy & satisfied customers

Are you tired of answering the same customer questions again and again on chat? Have you been answering some repetitive customer queries on email? Do you want to set up an effective knowledge management system to help your customers find answers to their problems at their convenience? If yes, then creating a knowledge base is essential for you. If Implemented strategically, a rich knowledge base can help you improve your customer service while freeing up your agents’ time to work on complex customer issues.

Appy Pie’s knowledge base software allows you to create a library of information about a product, service, department, and other subjects related to your business. For example, let’s say you’re an online retailer selling jewelry for women. You are bound to get multiple queries frequently from your customers regarding metal or material, size, color, shipping cost, delivery time, and so on. Instead of answering all these generic questions repeatedly, you can create and save the answers to these questions using Appy Pie’s knowledge management software and host them on your website. This way, your customers can get the answers of those frequently asked questions at one place with ease.

Appy Pie’s knowledge base software allows you to document tutorials, DIY guides, and answers to frequently asked questions in one place. It also allows you to organize your content in a structured hierarchy so that it's easy for customers to find what they’re looking for. You can add unlimited number of sections under a category. Equipped with a powerful search engine, Appy Pie’s knowledge management software enables customers to spend less time hunting down answers to questions they may have about your products or services.

With easy content creation, organization, and a powerful search engine, our well-designed knowledge management system not only helps you answer customer questions, but can also act as an internal repository that can be used by your internal support department for onboarding, training and other purposes. Along with that, using our knowledge management software, you can cut down on your expenses for maintaining the customer support department while improving customer satisfaction exponentially.

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