How to Integrate Microsoft Teams with Gmail For Effective Workflow?

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Google and Microsoft are two tech giants that are responsible for streamlining the workflow of every business. From sending and tracking the emails among team members to effective project management, both the companies are assisting the big, medium, and small-sized companies. Countless tools and services offered by Google and Microsoft have become a must-have for the success of any corporate.

Have you ever imagined how convenient it would be if the services of Microsoft and Google could be integrated? It would certainly lead to a revolution in the internal and external management of companies. It may be difficult to implement but would be worth an investment. In this article, let us learn about the benefits of integrating two platforms and how conveniently it can be done.

Quick Overview: Gmail and Microsoft Teams

Gmail is a free email service developed by Google. It became popular worldwide in no time as it is easy to use, has efficient organizational tools, and can be customized without any hitch. It made the process of sending and tracking emails an effortless exercise for businesses. Gmail has become an efficient service for any company to notify its employees, delegated tasks to teams, and medium of quick formal communication.Microsoft Teams is a powerful software of Microsoft that allows any company to perform important business tasks productively. Teams allow the companies to virtually chat, share files of different readable formats (Word, Excel, PDF, etc.), and effectively collaborate with employees. Microsoft Teams has become popular for online collaboration within company employees. Both Gmail and Microsoft Teams individually increases the productivity of companies. They help in managing the different projects, reminding the deadlines to team members, and timely delivery of projects to their clients. But both have some their own shortcomings. Before learning about the challenges and solutions related to Microsoft Teams and Gmail, let us go through some related data to both services:Gmail and Microsoft Teams - Appy Pie

What are the Shortcomings of Gmail and Microsoft Teams?

When both the services are deployed individually, companies may face several challenges. Undoubtedly, Gmail allows to send emails quickly, but the constantly increasing thread of emails create confusion. Sometimes, important email is pushed in spam box rather than in primary inbox, which might get missed out by employees. If by any chance, the email address is misspelled, then there is a huge probability that the employee might not be informed. These issues can be resolved if a company could deploy an effective notification system every time a mail is sent to the employees’ inbox. Microsoft Teams also faces some issues. Many times, employees accidentally end up losing the chat either containing the important information or document related to some tasks. Virtual chat can easily clear up the doubts among the team members but if someone misses the chat, then there will be no provision to achieve the same understandability. Also, Microsoft teams lack in effectively tracking the deadlines and delivery of the project. These challenges can be resolved if the proper track record of every important task can be looped in some conversation or email. It seems that both Gmail and Microsoft Teams can take advantage of each other’s features by integrating. The integration of both services can effectively help the employees to manage the projects.

What Are The Benefits To Connect Gmail and Microsoft Teams?

The integration of Microsoft Teams and Gmail can be highly beneficial for businesses. Some of the benefits are mentioned below:
  • Any project can be efficiently managed as each time an employee faces some problem with a task dedicated to email or find difficulty in completing their work, he can directly have a chat through Microsoft Teams rather than sending the mail and waiting for the response.

  • Constant reminders can be sent to employees on Microsoft Teams related to tasks dedicated to a specific email. If Teams integrates with Gmail, then the conversation can automatically start dedicated to the mail.

  • The integration of Gmail and Microsoft Teams can reduce the chances of missing important emails. Teams can be used to notify the employees in their chat box every time a mail is received in the Gmail inbox.

  • Email overloading can be cut down by integrating Gmail and Teams. After receiving a mail by certain employees, if automatically a chat group is formed on the Microsoft Teams then it would be convenient practice to establish a communication.

  • If the workflow automation is properly implemented after the integration of Microsoft Teams and Gmail, then analysis of performance of each employee might become easy.

There are numerous benefits of using Microsoft Teams with Gmail. And it is worth time and efforts investing to integrate both the services. But does Microsoft Teams work with Gmail?

How to Connect Microsoft Teams and Gmail?

There are several software available in the market which can be used to integrate Microsoft Teams and Gmail. But to connect them seamlessly and easily, you can take the help of Appy Pie Connect. Appy Pie Connect is one of the best available automation platforms present online. You can affordably connect and automate the workflows of Gmail and Teams with Connect.Appy Pie Connect allows you to increase your productive hours by integrating Gmail and Microsoft Teams. After you integrate them simply by clicking on both the icons, whenever a new email is received on Gmail, Appy Pie Connect automatically sends a message on the Microsoft Teams channel. This integration can tenaciously watch your Gmail account. For connecting both channels, you only need an employee Gmail account and a Microsoft Teams Account along with Appy Pie Connect.Connect Microsoft Teams + GmailTo know more about different integrations that can help to automate your regular business workflows, you can visit the Appy Pie Connect App Directory. Try Appy Pie Connect today!

Summing Up

In this era of workflow automation, any task can be easily streamlined by integrating multiple channels. And with the availability of various affordable and easy to use the software, every business either small or big is striving to automate most of their processes to increase the efficiency and productivity of employees. Thus, it can be summed up that Microsoft Teams and Gmail together can help you to take your business at another level.

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