Top Trends in Mobile App Design

By Snigdha | Last Updated on June 4th, 2018 4:05 pm

App Builder Appy Pie: The world of mobile technology, especially the mobile apps are evolving forever at a rapid pace and if you are in this business, you have to stay ahead of your competition by keeping abreast of the latest trends in mobile app design. More and more small businesses today are opting to build their own apps for their businesses. Your mobile app design must be in accordance with the latest trends in mobile app design if you are to stay on top of your business and cast a favo [...]

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Building A Mobile App For Business

By Snigdha | Last Updated on May 15th, 2018 5:34 pm

App Builder Appy Pie: Remember the times when you would go to the yellow pages when you wanted to find a business, you don’t? Well, frankly I don’t either. But you do remember going to the websites, right? Not so long ago, most of the consumers would look for information on websites, and since the smartphone gained their immense popularity, everyone was using them for every search and the mobile friendly websites took the throne. While this phase lasted for a long time, but in the recent stu [...]

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How Voice Technology is Disrupting Different Industries?

By Snigdha | March 26, 2018 2:21 pm

App Builder Appy Pie, March 26, 2018: In the recent times voice technology has assumed a strong position of strong importance in the field of mobile app development and has been gaining mainstream acceptance. Artificial Intelligence has infiltrated our daily lives and has evolved greatly to understand the user intent and most of the industry bigwigs including Amazon, Google, and Apple are further solidifying the trend and proliferating it with the launch of their own branded hardware. As Artific [...]

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Top Women App Makers Making It Big In A Man’s World

By Snigdha | Last Updated on December 27th, 2017 4:15 am

App Builder Appy Pie, December 21: Despite the tech world still being dominated by younger men, the consumers that most of the people want to reach are largely women. Have you ever stopped to wonder why? Approximately 87% of all the purchases can be safely attributed to women! Isn’t this creating a huge gap between the suppliers (the app-makers) and the people who are actually the consumers or the furnishers of the demands. This is what makes us question why aren’t more women making apps? I [...]

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Top 11 Mobile App Development Trends For 2018

By Snigdha | December 19, 2017 12:10 pm

App Builder Appy Pie, December 19: The year 2017 was a big year for app development and it looks like the party is going to continue in the year 2018 as well! The New Year resolution for a small business owner this year should not only be about learning new things but also learning about what the competitors are doing. Most of the companies are now realizing rapidly that developing a mobile app is no longer a matter of choice, it has gained the status of a necessity for the businesses to make an [...]

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