HR software App

Whether it’s hiring the right talent for any job role, or empowering the employees to perform better, an HR requires a much needed support for managing organization’s processes seamlessly. And, here is when a mobile app can prove to be handy. With a mobile app as unique as your business, you can not only improve the efficiency and productivity of your HR department, but also enhance employees’ engagement.

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With Appy Pie’s app development services, you can be rest assured of getting the most groundbreaking HR app for your organization, via which you can efficiently maintain the company’s culture and value. The HR app built by our app developers is backed with amazing features and has multiple benefits, as discussed below:

  • Give employees access to human resource information on the fly
  • Improves self-service and eliminates the role of HR by automatically answering frequently asked questions
  • Allows employees’ to provide feedback from anywhere through any device
  • Provide a clear view of your organizational goals
  • Update and guide employees about the career opportunities, and trainings available for them
  • Helps HR in retaining the top talent
  • Click-to-action feature to contact the right person over call or through email
  • Push notifications, text messages, and emails to inform staff about the key happenings

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Why do you need an HR Software App for your organization?


There are multiple duties that the human resource department performs. It does a lot more than processing payroll on a bi-weekly basis and handling the open enrollment season once a year. The department enhances the organization’s development strategy and handles employee-centered activities.

Here are a few features of an HR Software App that can benefit your organization in various means.

  1. Absence Request – Boosts the Approval Process

    Once you enable ‘Absence Request’ Feature in your HR Software App, it speeds up the leave request process as you can use it on your mobile phones. On the other hand, it can be beneficial for the employees, they can raise the leave request using their app on the phone. You can also add the ‘push notifications’ feature to this section. It allows managers to approve pending requests.

  2. Team Calendar – Improves Collaboration

    The team calendar helps team members to check each other’s availability. It helps them collaborate and plan resources for any team project.

  3. Employee Profile Management – Offers Flexibility & Convenience

    This section helps employees manage their company profile. They can update their contact details, competencies, qualification and other critical information in the application using their mobile phones.

  4. Employee Directory – Enhances Employee Communication

    This part of the application helps employees get their co-workers’ contact details. You can enable search functionality for the parameters like address, phone number, designation, email ID, location, emergency contact, supervisor, etc. to provide faster communication facilities.

  5. Quick Access to Paystubs – Improves Employee Satisfaction

    This feature helps employees view and download their pay-slips. This is the most common request made by the employees to the HR team.

Now that you know how important it is for you to create an HR software app for your organization, why not try Appy Pie today and create one for yourself!