How to Trademark your Logo and why is it Important?

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | November 1, 2022 6:38 am
how to trademark a logo

In today’s modern world, a specific business cannot be distinguished without a definite logo. This acts as a trademark sign that helps to differentiate your products and services from an organization that also renders similar products and services in the industry.

A logo is as important as the company name because it is entrusted and recognized by the customers. Hence, business companies in this era should apply for their trademark immediately after setting up their business.

Trademarking a logo is an equitably straightforward procedure, but some significant considerations must be considered before applying. A unique logo only gets trademarked when it goes through proper registration with the respective authorities in a country. The same Logo will also not be granted a trademark until it’s valid and gain the ability to compete with similar companies in the marketplace.

Is designing a logo for your company too laborious and needs in-depth research? Then Appy Pie Design provides you with the free online Logo maker without investing precious time and a whopping amount of money. But, before that, we recommend you go through the insight into some crucial aspects associated with logo designing described below so that you can clearly understand which suits you best.

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Why is it needed to Trademark a Logo: A complete Guide

To understand the what and ifs of logo trademarking, you need to distinguish between two types of trademarks. First is a State trademark that protects the logo within the state boundaries and it could be beneficiary only if you’re doing business in a certain territory. The second is a Federal trademark that protects your logo all over the US. Federal protection is recommended in this blog if you’re scaling your business both online and offline.

Copyright vs. Trademark: What’s the Difference?

Difference between copyright and trademark

Would you not want your business to become a notable brand? Or create some original assets and products in your business? If yes, you will likely have to consider the measures that protect your intellectual properties; hence, you should clearly understand the difference between Trademark and copyright.

  • Both trademark and copyright are the significant intellectual property of a company. The trademark helps differentiate a product from another with the help of symbol, design, word, and phrase. On the other hand, copyrights protect that product’s original work or authorship.
  • The purpose of incorporating the trademark is to maintain the exclusivity of the product and services in the industry. In contrast, the copyright helps to grant the right to distribute and use that product and services.
  • Trademark intercepts a company’s competitors to utilize a similar kind of text laid out in their branding that ultimately ensures customer trust. On the other hand, Copyright prevents any individual except the creator from selling and distributing copyrighted products and services offline and online.
  • the validity duration of both copyright and trademark differs with a specific period. For example, trademark registration is generally valid for ten years, whereas copyright registration is valid for a lifetime.
  • The trademark logo of a particular product and service is authorized to use the ® sign. On the flip side, the symbol © protects the copyright granted to original products.

Listed below are some of the benefits that you get from registering a federal trademark

  • Once your logo gets registered with USPTO so you become the official owner of the trademark and can obtain exclusive rights to use it. Moreover, other companies won’t be able to use your logo without your consent.
  • You can protect your trademark from the violation and in case such an incident takes place you’re free to get compensated.
  • Easily you can extend your business to the global world and get the trademark of each country.

Pro Tips: In case your trademark has been infringed then tackle the situation by commissioning a professional attorney who’ll send a legal notice on your behalf to stop the violation. If that doesn’t work then the lawyer can take legal action against it.

Simple steps to Trademark a Logo: Get your logo ready

  1. Submit your application to the USPTO website: In the USPTO database, the goods and services are categorized, you can pick one or more that your product and service fall into. Next, provide an explanation of the logo usage, and ensure your presentation should display the commercial benefits of the logo design. Now, pay the application fee.

  2. Wait for the appeal or decision: Your trademark application will be reviewed within 6 to 9 months, or the complex process can take up to years.

  3. Rejection Causes:
    • A logo isn’t unique or is confusing with other trademarks
    • The logo contains some insulting graphics or words
    • Logo misleads the customers

Steps to create your own Logo with Appy Pie’s Logo Maker:

Creating a Logo with Appy pie Design

The business companies are running out of adequate time and appropriate resources to design their brand logo. Sometimes the process of logo design is hard to define because excessive time and creativity are needed for creating and executing a perfect logo. But do not worry about that because Appy Pie Design is permitted to access an easy-to-use logo-making software. You do not need to become a tech-savvy or technological expert in using this software.

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To frame a magnificent logo for your company, you need to go to the design section of this software and click on the “logo maker” under that. After that, you can freely access many most important factors for logo design. You can design your logo by following simple steps in the Appy Pie Design platform defined below.

  1. Choose a Logo Template

    Initiate the logo designing process by selecting an endless option of the pre-build free templates that our professional graphic designer crafts.

  2. Customize your Logo Design

    You get “easy to edit” inbuilt templates where you can change your logo anytime and anywhere. Simply alter the color, icons, or favicon using multiple features and lay out the structures. Pick an attractive font in the software because it offers various stylish fonts that unquestionably suit your brand. Moreover, you can customize the cliparts, gradient, fill and shadow effect for modifying the logo that ensures an exotic look to your logo.

  3. Save and Publish

    Now is the final step to save and preview your customized Logo Design and download it for further use. You can also download it as an image file or export it to another format like .png, .jpg, or .gif.

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Last but not least, Appy Pie Design also promotes establishing robust customer relations. Thus, it provides a customer support team to identify customer issues. As a result, customers can quickly contact us with the given contact details and directly connect with our professional logo designers if they are stuck sketching their logo on this platform.

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