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How to Create an App Like YouTube Music?

By Snigdha | Last Updated on March 6th, 2023 1:14 pm | 5-min read

The popularity of mobile apps has changed the way we do everything in our everyday lives. Customers today use mobile apps for everything from shopping, reading, communicating, consuming content, and more. The concept of entertainment has changed as mobile apps have gained popularity among people of all ages as an entertainment platform.

Different types of entertainment apps include games, OTT platforms, music streaming, video streaming, photo editing, and social media apps. In this blog, we are going to talk about the significance and popularity of music streaming apps. In 2021, music streaming apps brought in $25.1 billion in revenue, a 32% increase from 2020.

By the second quarter of 2021, there were 523.9 million music streaming subscribers across the world. The scope of music streaming apps today and in the future is promising enough to get the attention of business enthusiasts, aspirants, entrepreneurs, and more.

It can be a big challenge for most small businesses and startups to even think of creating their own app, as it involves specialized skills, money, and a massive time commitment. Naturally, most ideas to create a music streaming app are abandoned quite quickly for lack of resources or limited access to it. Appy Pie’s no-code platform lets anyone create an app in minutes while overcoming all these barriers.

What is YouTube Music, and how does it work?

The YouTube Music app is a subscription-based music streaming app that leverages the giant Google database. The app offers some of the most brilliant features with specialized options that offer an outstanding listening experience.
App users can search for music by simply entering parts of lyrics and also switch easily from audio to video. There is an explore section where the app users can find new releases and hot trends in the music industry.
The premium version allows the app users to enjoy an ad-free music experience where they can enjoy features like background play, audio-only mode, and offline play for the music they can download.
The app makes music much easier to explore and has a rich library or catalog of official music, various remixes, live performances, covers, and even some videos. The app also has a brilliant algorithm that puts forth highly relevant and personalized recommendations for the app users.

Top features of the YouTube Music app you must add to your music app

Other apps similar to YouTube Music offer music streaming experience, but YouTube has enjoyed immense popularity since it was launched. This is partially due to the position YouTube enjoys as a video-sharing platform and as a brand closely associated with Google.

However, it is the amazing features of this popular music streaming service that truly led to its success. If you plan to build a music streaming app like YouTube Music, you must consider adding the following features to your music streaming app.

  1. Search

    When you build your own music streaming service, ensure that you make the search functionality strong so that your app users can find the exact music or video they want by typing in a few relevant keywords. Another way to strengthen this feature is by adding filters so that the app users can narrow their search to get the most relevant results.

  2. Live streaming

    Add a live-streaming feature so that users can host or view live videos. This could be used by artists to live stream their performances and even hold virtual events like concerts, conferences, podcasts, and more.

  3. Drag-and-drop video upload

    Make it easy for the app users to upload videos. The app users on YouTube Music can upload their videos or music files with a simple drag-and-drop action. Also, allow your app users to upload content from FTP or HTTP locations with just one click or tap of your finger. The underlying idea is to offer convenience in every action you want your app users to accomplish.

  4. Playlist

    Adding this feature opens up a new avenue for personalization. Using the playlist feature in your music streaming app, the users can choose multiple songs or videos and add them to their playlists. They should have the option to create multiple playlists and either make them public or keep them private.

  5. Social media sharing

    Music is social and cultural. Add social media sharing so that your app users can share their favorite songs with everyone on their social network. This is a popular feature among users but is also of great benefit to the app owner because of the obvious promotional impact of this sharing feature.

How to make a music streaming app like YouTube Music?

After discussing the YouTube Music app in detail, how it works, and the features that make it successful, it is time to discuss music streaming app development and address the question – how to make a music streaming app like YouTube Music.

For the longest time, creating a mobile app was only an option for the big players with deep pockets and a rich skill bank at their disposal. Hence, Appy Pie came up with a solution that has made cutting-edge technology affordable and accessible to anyone who wants to build an app.

  1. Name your app

    After naming your app, choose an app category, design theme, and app layout. Personalize your app by adding your brand identity through the brand logos and colors.

  2. Add suitable features

    Take a look at the features listed above and add them to your music streaming app. You can make as many edits as you want to the app at this time.

  3. Test your app and launch it

    Once you have edited your app to perfection, test it on real devices to find any bugs or issues with the app. That’s it! Your app is ready to go live on any app store.


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