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How to Make An App Like OfferUp?

By Snigdha | August 25, 2022 4:25 pm  | 5-min read

When was the last time you had a yard sale? Not in the last decade, I’m sure! So what are you planning to do with all that stuff you don’t want to throw out but have no use for? Time to look for a solution online. There are a number of local buying and selling apps online that can help you have a virtual online yard sale.

A buying and selling app like OfferUp makes this process convenient today, especially in the post-pandemic world. Apart from the obvious convenience, such apps offer to the app users, they are also a great business opportunity for those with an entrepreneurial mind. Mobile e-commerce revenue reached $3.56 trillion in 2021, and that number alone indicates the scale of opportunities it presents.

The idea of creating an app like OfferUp often dies an early death for a lack of technical knowledge, funds, resources, or time. However, with Appy Pie’s no-code app builder, it is possible to create an app without coding or burning through your bank account in just a few minutes.

What is the OfferUp app?

OfferUp is the biggest marketplace for local customers and sellers. The app users can improve their reputation and build up their profiles with each transaction and interaction with fellow platform users. People can rate others they transact with and contribute to the app content.

The app creates virtual communities for people to buy and sell items online in a safe manner. These communities are the key to this app’s popularity as the users spend an average of 25 minutes per day on the app, which is at par with apps like Instagram and Snapchat.

Top features you must add to create apps like OfferUp

The reason why OfferUp has gained such tremendous popularity is its features. If you plan to make an app like OfferUp, here is a list of features you must add.

  1. Search

    The search feature will let your app users search for an item of their interest. To further enhance the experience, you can add filters to narrow the results to the most relevant ones.

  2. Registration

    Add the registration feature so that app users will have to register on your app before they can access the content and start buying or selling. The important thing is to make the registration process simple by adding email and social media logins.

  3. User Profile

    Let your app users create a profile with all the vital details. Once other users start rating and reviewing them, these will also become a part of their profile, increasing their profile value and trust.

  4. Product listings

    Let app users display their products and create listings. In these listings, they should be able to add all related details like description, condition, make and model (if applicable), price, photos, and more.

  5. Chat

    The chat feature can come in handy when users have questions about a product they are eyeing. The ability to chat quickly and get an instant response to any query improves communication and the overall user experience.

  6. Built-in camera

    Adding a photo makes the app listing more interesting and proves its authenticity. Adding the built-in camera feature to your app will help the app users take pictures of their products without having to leave the app.

  7. Multilingual and multicurrency support

    Make your app global by incorporating multilingual support and the ability to execute transactions successfully in multiple currencies. This feature ensures that your app users are not restricted by language or currency barriers and that you are able to expand your business anywhere in the world.

  8. Push notifications

    Communication is key to the success of any mobile application. One of the most effective ways to reach your app users instantly is through push notifications. Push notifications can be segmented into user groups so that the content can be personalized and made relevant to the recipient. Additionally, push notifications are highly effective in bringing inactive users back to the app by reminding them of all that they are missing out on.

How to make an app like OfferUp?

We have all the critical information in front of us. We know what OfferUp can do for the app users, and we know what the absolute must-have features to be added to an app like OfferUp are. Now we answer the most critical question in the context – how to make an app like OfferUp.

Creating OfferUp alternatives may have been a complex and technical process until a few years ago, but today with Appy Pie’s no-code app builder, you can make an app like OfferUp without coding in minutes!

  1. Give your app a name

    After you name your app, you can choose the right app category, design theme, and app layout. Personalize the app by adding a brand logo and brand colors.

  2. Drag and drop the features you want

    Go through the features listed above and add them all to your app with a simple drag-and-drop action. You can now edit your app to your preference.

  3. Test your app and go live!

    Once you are happy with how your app looks, you can test it for any bugs or crashes by using it on real devices. Once done, your app is ready to be launched on the app stores.


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