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How to Make An App Like LetGo?

By Snigdha | Last Updated on February 25th, 2023 12:12 pm | 4-min read

We all have some items lying around in perfect condition that are of no use to us, but many others would pay to acquire them. However, we don’t have yard sales anymore, as we used to about a decade ago. But what’s stopping you from listing your items on a virtual yard sale?

Mobile-based e-commerce made up 7.3% of retail sales in the United States and almost 53% of all e-commerce in 2021.

These figures are lucrative enough for entrepreneurs to at least consider building an app for their e-commerce business. However, most of them shy away from making an app because of the money, time, and skills required. Appy Pie, with its affordable and easy-to-use no-code platform, lets you bypass all these challenges and create your own app in minutes.

What is the LetGo app?

LetGo is a peer-to-peer eCommerce platform that lets the app users buy or sell items and even chat with other app users. The LetGo app and the website allow the app users and website visitors to buy and sell used products.

The marketplace is optimized for smartphones and displays the products with great visuals and detailed listings. The products are displayed as per the proximity of the listings. The chat feature encourages communication and improves overall user engagement.

Top app features you must add to make apps like LetGo

The features you add to your buying and selling app will decide how your eCommerce app will work in the market. If you plan to make an app like LetGo, make sure that you study what makes apps like LetGo so popular with their app users.

  1. Easy registration

    Add the registration feature to your app so that all the app users would need to register on your app to be able to access the content on your app. To register, the app users will have to give out information like email addresses or social media login. Make the process easy by letting the app users log in using emails or social media accounts.

  2. Chat

    One of the most critical features of a buying and selling app like chat which adds a factor of engagement. Let the app users chat between themselves so that they can discuss the nuances of the latest deals.

  3. Search & Filters

    Let your app users find what they are looking for easily by letting them type just a few keywords. The search feature lets your app users do just that. Adding filters will further improve the feature by letting the app users enter their preferences and return search results that are more relevant instead of generic results.

  4. Built-in Camera

    Integrating the built-in camera in your buying and selling app lets your app users take pictures of the products that they want to sell. These pictures further improve the performance of product listings.

  5. Push notifications

    Communication is key for any business, and when it comes to a peer-to-peer eCommerce app, the importance of the feature grows manifold. Sending targeted push notifications is a great way to engage app users, send messages about deals and discounts, and even re-engage inactive app users.

  6. Payment

    Integrate multiple secure payment gateways in your buy and sell app so that your app users feel comfortable using their financial details to make a payment through your app. The more payment methods and gateways you include, the more people will feel comfortable enough to spend money on your app.

  7. Price Comparison

    Include the price comparison feature so that the app users who want to buy anything on the platform can check the prices of similar products offered by multiple sellers. This helps the buyers make an informed decision and avail the best deal.

  8. User Profile

    Let your app users create a profile on your app so that they can add all their details, like types of products they are interested in, address, contact details, etc.

  9. Product Listing

    The sellers can list the products with quality photographs, details about the product, and about the condition of the product. The buyers can refer to the listing and get information about the products before making the purchase.

How to make an app like LetGo?

If you have reached this point in the blog, you already know what the LetGo app can do and what are the must-have features for an app like LetGo. It is time to look into the most critical question here – how to make an app like LetGo.

There was a time not too long ago when creating an app from scratch meant investing a generous amount of money, investment, and time. The process was complex and required a specialized skill set. Now, with Appy Pie, all these problems are eliminated, and you can create an app in minutes without learning to code.

  1. Give your buy and sell app a name

    Once you have named your app, it is time to choose the right app category, design theme, and app layout. Make your app look professional by adding the brand logo.

  2. Add suitable features

    Go through the list of features above and add them all with a simple drag-and-drop action.

  3. Test and launch

    Edit your app to your satisfaction, test it on real devices, and launch it on app stores of your choice.


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