A Complete Product Label Development Guide: Types, Design, and Ways to Create

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By Abhinav Girdhar | September 21, 2022 7:51 am
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Labeling is the first and foremost point of interaction with potential customers and involves more than a title. Any brand’s product needs to be labeled to communicate its product value effectively. Packaging is crucial to any product as it helps clients identify it. Furthermore, it improves the brand label’s aesthetics to market the goods. Additionally, labeling aids in giving potential customers details about a company’s product.

Brand labels have the power to solidify client loyalty and raise your brand’s awareness. Designing a unique brand label design for your product makes it simple to turn into a familiar sight that builds confidence within the customer. An attractive brand label design:

  • Provides Identification

    A product with no title is given identity via a label. This assists in differentiating the product apart from competing goods, particularly when it is put next to identical alternatives.

  • Prevents clients from being scammed

    Create a label for the product to prevent shoppers from selecting the incorrect product. The product’s label must contain all relevant and suitable information to guarantee that customers receive what they’re searching for rather than guessing.

  • Provides information in accordance with law

    Product labels are indeed required by law in some circumstances. For instance, it is usually seen in pharmaceutical products or food items, as consumer products must list their components or ingredients for the safety of buyers.

  • Improves marketing game

    Marketing is about grabbing a customer’s attention, and a label does the same. Labels, when paired with elements of design, can persuade new potential customers to purchase your product.

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What factors should one consider while designing a Product Label?

The checklist of “how to design a product label” includes:

  • Branding and Logo- The design of a label does not substitute a brand logo; the first step must be designing a logo before designing a brand label design. A logo uses a condensed symbol to reflect your brand’s identity, whereas the brand labels essentially serve as a signpost for a specific product. Brand label design eventually falls under the brand identity category, so it’s critical to get your brand and logo established upfront. It involves undertaking the elements like fonts and color of the brand.

  • Dimensions of Packaging- It is evident that the business owner needs to select their product’s container before brand labels. When the packaging of the product is finalized, then go on to design the product label by first understanding the dimensions of the label. Usually, standard label sizes are there for standard packaging, such as 750 ml wine bottles. After knowing the exact packaging dimensions, you can easily design the most creative labels for your product on Appy Pie’s Free Product Label Maker.

  • Printing- This will be the final step, as the printing company will produce your finalized label using the final brand label design file. However, it is a good idea to research the technical requirements of a printer and its price before starting to create labels for the product.

  • Description of your product- The product’s description includes its practical description written in a paragraph format to make it convenient for the users. The information on this will vary depending on the product. For instance, instructions, actions, and warnings may be included on a medicine’s product labels.

  • Colors- A customer’s purchase choice may be influenced by the colors you employ on the brand label design. So, it is easy to see the relevance of label colors. When choosing a color palette for labels, you must undertake various factors to create an eye-catching label brand design. Even you can raise the level of the color game by mixing the colors or picking the right color for your label using our Color Mixer and Image Color Picker tools respectively.

  • Font- Fonts have a significant impact and must be carefully planned. First, choose a font style that distinguishes your company’s product from the competition or conveys the essence of your product. For example, if the product is schezwan sauce, a brand label example involves choosing a font type that reflects the spicy effect and fun aspect.

  • Contact Information- Along with creating an eye-catching brand label design, it’s crucial to include your organization’s contact information on the brand labels. Mentioning your company’s contact information is an intelligent method to communicate with the buyers, encourage brand trust and promote your brand.

What are the types of Product Label and how to create a Branded Label?

Usually, every commercial product has one of the labels mentioned below, considering the product details necessary for product packaging.

  1. Grading Label: These brand labels involve specific features or qualities of a product’s sub-category. It is designed to simplify the customer’s search for particular qualities.

  2. Brand Label: These kinds of labels are very accurate and display only the name of the brand and no more information about the product. The brand labels involve the trademark number, logo, and name of your brand. For instance, the Huawei or Samsung labels behind their smartphones.

  3. Descriptive Label: These kinds of brand labels produce more information about a product than grading and branding labels. For example, they display information on the product’s progress, including its batch number, instructions, warnings or precautions, expiry date, production date, and much more.

  4. Information Label: Informational labels are the most detailed labels of all. These brand labels involve information like instructions on gadget cleaning, storage, or other recipes or uses for utilizing the product. Generally, pharmaceutical industries make use of this kind of product label.

How to Make a Product Label?

Business owners can create their brand labels or hire a graphic designer. Small businesses or startups are suggested to design their label brand design, which is made easier with Appy Pie’s Free product label maker. It is straightforward to make your label, select the desired template from among the pool of templates available, or start from scratch. Then choose the color scheme and font per the brand theme and upload your logo to make it more customized.

The MNCs with enough funds for their brand’s development must hire a graphic designer who can design the unique brand labels.

Where and at what cost does Labels are printed?

Modern printing houses use computer technologies, digital printing equipment and modern technology to create a print products or brand labels. Using a printing house, your labels are printed quickly, accurately, and at a competitive price. And choosing a printing house depends on the business owner’s location, budget, and requirements. Here are the types of Printing houses and the selection criteria for a printing house:

  • Types of Printing Houses:
    1. Offline Printing houses: This is the most common type of printing house; the user just needs to find the best printing house available nearby and get their brand labels printed. You can easily find good printing shops on google maps.

    2. Online printing houses: These kinds of web printing services include straightforward steps: the users just need to email their brand label design file to get it printed, select the most suidelivery method livery & make the payment. Some famous online printing houses involve Moo, Vistaprint, and many more.

  • Selection criteria for a printing house
    1. Checking the customer reviews
    2. Ensure it provides the services needed for your brand
    3. Inquire regarding the conditions of ordering a print
    4. Verify the layout specifications that are acceptable for printing

Conclusions: There are numerous potential constraints for every choice offered by brand label design. To achieve a great label design, there are numerous details to sort through, including the printer’s specification, the container’s shape, and much more.

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How to create your own Product Label with Appy Pie Design?

Appy Pie’s free product label maker covers everyone, especially the non-designer. It has an easy-to-use interface with various templates, or you can start from scratch. Include your logo and color schemes, choose the most suitable font types, and create beautiful custom brand labels. It is all accessible and user-friendly.

  1. Choose a Product Label Template

    In the very first step, choose a suitable template for the Product label that suits your need. You can upload your own image.

  2. Customize the Design for Product Label

    Once you have uploaded the image, you can start adding text, shapes, arrows, and more to your product label. Choose from over 50 fonts and thousands of icons, shapes, and other objects to create your Product Label.

  3. Save and Download your customized Product Label Design

    Once you are happy with your design, download it to see if it meets your requirements and then use it accordingly.

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