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How To Create An App Like Youtube?

By Snigdha | Last Updated on April 22nd, 2024 11:51 am | 4-min read

YouTube is the second most visited website today, right after Google! YouTube enjoys more than a billion hours of watch time every single day and has the highest amount of HD video content compared to any other video streaming app. YouTube has more than 2 billion users across the world. Another interesting fact that impressed me was YouTube’s global ad revenue which stood at $28.84 billion in 2021. Guess what where the largest chunk of YouTube traffic comes from? Mobile devices. More than 70% of the app’s watch time comes from mobile devices.

As a budding entrepreneur, it is lucrative to think of creating a video streaming app like YouTube, but many such entrepreneurial thoughts are quashed by the fear of technology, expenses, and the sheer amount of time taken in development. With Appy Pie’s no-code app development platform, however, you can stop worrying about all these challenges. You can create an app without coding in minutes and not empty out your business accounts.

What is the YouTube app?

YouTube is an online video-sharing app that lets app users upload, share, view, and comment on videos. The app users can also report the videos that are offensive or inappropriate, they can subscribe to channels they like and even create a playlist of videos they like and would like to play later at leisure.

The YouTube app has a wide variety of user-generated content from individual platform users and businesses. The types of videos range from video clips, TV show clips, movie trailers, documentaries, music videos, DIY videos, learning content, vlogs, and more.

Top features you must add to a video streaming app like YouTube

YouTube is the undisputed king of video content. If you are one of those entrepreneurs who plan to make an app for video streaming services like YouTube, you should focus on the features that make YouTube the clear leader in the field.

  1. Video

    You are creating something similar to YouTube app, so naturally, you need to include the Video feature in your app. Let your app users upload videos and share them with other app users. You can place a time limit as per the user’s status and offer other options like adding captions to the videos through speech recognition or manually entering the accurate captions.

  2. Live stream

    Live streams are one of the most engaging types of videos on YouTube. Include this feature in your app and ensure that you let your app users host live streams where other users can view and interact with the content you are posting. You can also offer live streamers an opportunity to monetize their streams.

  3. Quality & Format

    To enhance the overall viewing experience by the users, you can allow the users to upload the content in varying quality levels. What was earlier termed as SQ, HD, and HQ was now referred to in numerics like 720p, 1080p, 1440p, and 2160p. These numbers signify the vertical resolution of the video.

  4. Like, comment, share

    There is a strong social aspect to a video streaming app like YouTube. The viewers can interact with the content and creators by Liking the videos and commenting on them. When you include this feature, make sure to let the users share content on their preferred social media or directly with their friends through a shareable link.

  5. Subscription

    Every quality content creator will develop a group of followers or enthusiasts. Add the subscription feature so that the app users can subscribe to their favorite channels and be alerted whenever new content is launched on these channels.


    Some of the videos on YouTube can be downloaded on the app and viewed later, even in offline mode. While adding this functionality to your app, make sure that you let the app users choose whether they want to allow others to download their content.

  7. Payment

    YouTube has a Premium version where the app users can access all the content without ads. When planning to create video apps like YouTube, you can create a business model that brings in monetary benefits to you as an app owner. However, remember that your app users may prefer certain payment methods and payment gateways. Hence, add as many options as you can to encourage everyone to go ahead and make a purchase.

  8. Content recommendations

    What makes a video streaming app like YouTube great is the ability of the platform to keep the app users engaged for longer. YouTube does this flawlessly by making content recommendations perfectly suited to the users. This is done through an algorithm that takes into account user behavior like their watch history, likes, comments, and shares. The better this algorithm works for your app, the better your app would fare with your app users.

  9. Search

    As of July 2022, YouTube has more than 800 million videos. How does an app user wade through this massive number of videos to get to the content they actually want to view? In your video streaming app, like YouTube, you must add a Search feature. Users should be able to find videos by typing in a few relevant keywords.

  10. Push notifications

    Whether it is about new content from their favorite creator or a new recommendation from the algorithm, a push notification from your app can bring your app user back to your app and consume content they like. Send targeted notifications from your app with just a click!

How to create an app like YouTube?

Through this blog, we have told you all about the YouTube app and the features you must add to create the best youtube alternative app. Now, we will answer the most important question – how to create an app like YouTube?

To create an app today, you do not have to spend time and money on expensive technology or hire specialized agencies. Simply go to Appy Pie’s app builder and follow the steps below.

  1. Enter the app name

    Give your app a name, select an appropriate app category and a design theme. Add your brand logo.

  2. Drag and drop the required features

    You can look for and add each of the features listed above in the blog directly to your app without coding.

  3. Test and launch

    Once you have edited your app to your specific preferences, you can test it on real devices. Now you can go live with your app on the app stores of your choice.


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