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How to Create an App Like Fox News?

By Snigdha | Last Updated on January 29th, 2023 9:44 am | 4-min read

How do you access your news every day? Newspaper? Social media? News app? Not many would say newspaper, especially in the post-pandemic era when we are used to minimal contact with the physical world.

As the Internet and social media have come together, most people get all the information about the latest big events. However, social media is not a reliable source of information because most of the content on the platform is user generated.

Hence, most people prefer to go for news aggregator apps or a news app like Fox News. A typical smartphone user spends about 31 minutes every day on news apps. Creating a news making app is a good business idea, but its execution requires technical knowledge, deep pockets, and great time commitment.

With Appy Pie all that has changed and you can make an app without coding in minutes and you don’t have to spend a fortune doing so.

What does the Fox News app do?

The Fox News app makes the latest updates and news available directly to the app users. The app showcases trending news stories, updates about your favorite shows, celebrities, and more on the social media.

Top features you must add to create a news app like Fox News

News apps provide a great way for news channels like Fox News to broaden their audience and improve their overall engagement. For a news app to be successful, it needs to have fresh and engaging content, latest updates, and trending news stories. Apart from that, the app content needs to be easily shareable through social media or links.

If you are planning to build a news app, make sure that you study the Fox News app in detail. The features you choose to add to your news app are instrumental to its success. Listed below are the must-have features for your news app to become a success.

  1. News

    Add the news feature into your newspaper app so that all the news stories are available to the app users in a readable format. All the updates about the latest events will be available for the app users to read and engage with, save and share with friends, colleagues, or family.

  2. Registration and login

    Add this feature and let your app users register on your app to be able to view the content on the app. Once the app users have created an account on your app, they will be able to save their preferences on the platform. Make the registration and login process simple and quick.

  3. Push notifications

    Send out messages about any upcoming events with the click of a button. Targeted push notifications are really effective in engaging the app users and encouraging them to open the app and start using it.

  4. Use ML for recommendations

    As the app users save their preferences, interests, etc. on their profiles, you have access to a lot of relevant data that can be used to populate your ML algorithms and recommend news stories that will interest the users.

  5. Search and filters

    Add this feature so that the app users can type in the keywords and search for any specific news item. Adding filters would mean that the search results will be more relevant.

  6. Social sharing

    Enabling the social media sharing feature will allow the app users to share the content in your app with others on different social media platforms. This improves engagement and increase your app awareness as you get exposure to new audiences.

  7. Offline ability

    One of the most useful features, offline functionality helps the app users access content even in the offline format. This means they would be able to read the stories at leisure even if there is little to no internet connectivity.

How to create an app like Fox News?

Above, I have talked at length about what the Fox News app is all about it, what it does, and the features you must add to a news app like Fox News. Now we must address the question – how to create an app like Fox News.

This question has often been asked by business users, but most do not follow through on the idea. Primarily because traditionally, app development requires a deep knowledge of coding, generous time and money commitments. However, with Appy Pie’s affordable and easy to use news app maker, you can make an app like Fox News in minutes without having to learn to code.

  1. Give your app a name

    After naming your app, you can choose an appropriate app category, design theme, and layout. Add a brand logo to build authority and brand value.

  2. Add the right features

    Take a look at the list of features above and add them to your app with a simple drag and drop action. You can edit the app to your satisfaction now.

  3. Test and launch your app

    Test the app on real devices and get rid of any bugs or issues in your app. Your app is ready to go live on app stores of your choice.


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