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How To Create An App Like eBay?

By Snigdha | August 19, 2022 5:36 pm  | 4-min read

eBay is a clear leader in the eCommerce space. Since 1995, eBay has come a long way, and today it lists more than 1.5 billion products listed on the platform for sale and purchase. As a marketplace, eBay has opened up the national and global marketplace to anyone sitting on the couch.

Today, eBay has more than 159 million users and 19 million sellers registered on the platform. There are people who have products to sell but lack the infrastructure to put up a physical store or even an independent online store. For this group of customers, eBay has proved to be a perfect solution. Putting the products up on eBay opens up the global audience for the seller.

Have you ever thought about making an eCommerce app like eBay? True, there are multiple subtle nuances to work on if you want to build an app like eBay, but there are simpler options to accomplish just that! Appy Pie’s eCommerce app builder is the best solution in this regard.

What is eBay?

eBay is an online marketplace or shopping site that gained immense popularity for its auctions and consumer to consumer sales. The platform has also found immense popularity among merchants as an additional channel for sales and revenue.

As a buyer, you can choose to look at products from your pin code or expand your search to national and international levels. As a buyer, you can create an account for free. To sell, however, you need to pay a listing fee depending on the price of the product you are listing and the time for which you plan to keep the listing live.

How does eBay work?

Sellers on eBay create product listings for the items they want to sell. Each listing may include the item photos, a detailed description of the item and its condition, plus the payment and shipping options.

The listings could be auctions where the highest bidder gets to bring the item home or a normal listing where the buyer can simply click on Buy it Now and buy the product immediately. After you make the payment, you only need for the product to arrive. Meanwhile, you can look at your purchase history, cancel an order, or even request a return.

Top features you must add to build an app like eBay

eBay is not just another auction app but the most popular and successful app of its kind in the US. So, if you are wondering how to build an auction website like eBay, you must first create a list of the most significant features that you must add to make an app like eBay.

  1. Registration and login

    Add the registration feature so that your app users would have to register on your app before they can start any transactions. After the registration is complete, the user would then be able to log in to their account on your app and start buying or listing products up for purchase. Ensure the registration process is simple and does not make the app users jump through hoops.

  2. User Profile

    Considering that the platform has a consumer to consumer transaction aspect to it, user profiles gain great prominence. A detailed profile with all the right information humanizes the app user invoking trust between fellow app users.

  3. Dashboard

    As a seller, your dashboard becomes a valuable tool. The eCommerce app or the online marketplace app can help the sellers collect an impressive amount of consumer data, especially how they behave on the app. Sellers can use the dashboard to find the most viable or popular products, track sales, and a lot more!

  4. Payments

    Your eCommerce app must include as many of the popular payment gateways as possible. When it comes to online or digital payments, it is natural for your app users to trust certain payment modes over others. The more channels you include, the greater would be the segment you would be able to serve.

  5. Reviews

    Make your platform interactive and allow more user-generated content in the form of reviews. If users can leave reviews for other users or companies that they have had good or bad experiences with, it allows them to contribute to the platform and give other users an idea of what their experience will be like.

  6. Notifications

    Communication is essential, and communication with your app users is critical to the success of your app. Add the push notifications feature to your app and send out information about the latest promos, discounts, and deals directly to your app users with just one tap or click.

  7. Search

    With the search functionality in your eCommerce app, you can make it easier for your app users to find what they are looking for. You can also include filters so that the app users can easily narrow down their search and find what they are looking for quickly.

How to create an eCommerce app like eBay?

Going through the blog, as you have reached this point, you now have a clear idea of what eBay is, how it works, and what features you must add to create an app like eBay. It is time to address the central question – how to make an eCommerce app like eBay.

Typically, if you wanted to create an app like eBay from scratch, it would require exceptional coding skills, ample time, and generous financial investment. Appy Pie’s no-code eCommerce app builder bypasses all these challenges and helps you make your own eCommerce app like eBay without coding in minutes.

  1. Enter the name of your app

    Select the right app category before choosing a design theme and an app layout for your eCommerce app. You can make your app look more professional by adding your brand logo.

  2. Drag and drop the right features

    Choose the features listed above from Appy Pie’s extensive list of features and add them to your app without coding. You can edit the app to your liking.

  3. Test the app and go live!

    Once you are happy with how your app works, you can test it on real devices. Once your app is entirely bug-free, you can go live on any app store of your choice.


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