How to Become a Mobile App Reseller?

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How to become a mobile app reseller?

Mobile apps are everywhere. 

From the app that lets you order Starbucks for pickup when you’re running late in the morning to the loyalty points app at your local taco place, it seems as if apps and your favorite businesses go hand in hand.

In fact, a 2018 survey by professional services firm Clutch found that 42 percent of small- and medium-sized businesses utilize a mobile app to make money. An additional 30 percent of those businesses surveyed had plans to build an app in the future.

However, that same survey showed no increase, year-over-year, in the number of businesses that actually had a mobile app. 

Why? Because many businesses that want mobile apps don’t know how to create them.

This is where you can step in and provide your services. Do you know that you can sell white label apps without having to learn coding?

How to Become a Mobile App Reseller

App Reselling is On the Rise

You need to not only have a great idea that will be attractive to your customers, but you have to be able to translate that idea into code and create a working app

Many business owners and marketing firms don’t have this skill set, and finding app developers who do their job well means spending a lot of money. 

This is where app reselling comes into play.

This guide will take you through why you should consider becoming a mobile app reseller and how to start this profitable venture.

Why Become a Mobile App Reseller?

As stated above, there are a lot of businesses who believe that a mobile app could help their business, but they haven’t yet made the jump. 

If all these businesses had an affordable, experienced mobile app reseller to work with, they might be able to get their projects off the ground faster, helping their businesses grow. And as a marketing agency that helps small- to medium-sized businesses, offering mobile app creation as an upsell seems like a great idea.

App Creation Takes Experience & Money

You could hire your own developer in the hopes of snagging some customers, but developers are expensive, and that’s a pretty big financial gamble to take.

Learning to code on your own is tricky, too, because becoming good at developing mobile apps takes time. And you’re short on time with everything else you have to do in a day.

Take Advantage of the Market

Rather than leave a potentially lucrative income stream on the table or spend lots of money in the hopes that something pans out, you can become a mobile app reseller to take advantage of the market.

Other professionals in the industry, such as Peter Mezyk of mobile app developer Nomtek, agree.

“Generally speaking, there’s always a potential for enhanced communication or enhanced business metrics as a result of introducing mobility. Every business should at least consider whether or not there should be a mobile app in place,” he told

Many businesses today need apps. Are you ready to sell to them?

Benefits of Becoming a Mobile App Reseller

Drive More Income

Telling a potential customer success story of how apps have worked for other businesses – showing them actual, quantifiable results – is a great way to increase your revenue through your app reseller business.

Drive more income

Take UK-based online parking marketplace YourParkingSpace, for example. Their mobile app increased user retention and loyalty, leading to better revenues.

“We’ve seen the average number of bookings for app users grow hugely,” YourParkingSpace technical director Charles Criland told “On average, an app customer makes over three times as many bookings as a desktop customer – with the convenience and one-click re-booking functionality really driving repeat bookings and overall customer lifetime value.”

Improve Employee Happiness

An extra revenue stream may be just what your business needs to push up to the next level, allowing you to hire more staff, increase wages, or offer your employees those great benefits you’ve been dreaming of.

Happy employees are more likely to take fewer sick days, be more productive, and stay with your company longer, creating an all-around better situation for your business.


Adding mobile app reselling to your slate of offered services helps protect your business from dips in the market.

The more products or services you offer, the less likely you are to be negatively impacted if demand for one of your services dips a little. You’ve got an extra cushion to fall back on, helping you stay afloat during tougher times.

How to Become a Mobile App Reseller?

If you’re convinced of the good becoming an app reseller can do for your business or you personally, the next step is figuring out exactly how you want to make that happen.

Often, when businesses develop mobile apps, they incur all the costs and headaches of creating the app themselves. This makes app development out of reach for many small businesses and agencies wishing to provide mobile apps as a service to their clients.

Partner with the Right Technology Company

By becoming a mobile app reseller, however, you partner with a business, such as Appy Pie that already knows and offers the technology you need.

You talk with your client about their individual needs, log into your account with your mobile app agency, and select the features and technology you need. The app is then sold to your client with your branding and information, making it look like you did all the hard work!

Work with a White Label App Agency

By partnering with a white label mobile app agency, you can make it look as if you’ve got highly skilled developers on staff, giving your clients what they need to make their businesses a success. 

Work with a White Label App Agency

This is achieved by using:

  • White label CMS & marketing materials – Add your own branding into the back end of all your clients’ apps, hiding the fact that you’re not developing the apps yourself.
  • Private URL – You won’t have to worry about your clients logging into someone else’s platform and finding out you didn’t actually develop their app. You can customize the URL of your back end to include your own company’s URL.
  • Custom pricing – With many firms, such as Appy Pie, you get to decide how much you’ll charge your clients for their apps. There’s no one telling you how much you have to charge, meaning you can give your clients as big or as small of a price break as you want.

Or, if you choose, you can decide not to hide your partner company’s branding. 

Some mobile app resellers choose to maintain the branding of their partner companies, using it as a selling point to their potential clients. 

Once you’ve decided that an app reseller business is right for you, it’s time to choose the right company to partner with. 

Things to Look for When Choosing a Mobile App Agency

The market is full of companies offering white label app services, so finding the one that fits your needs best may take some research.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re looking at companies you may want to partner with:

Pricing Structure

You are in the app reseller business to make money, right? To make this happen, you need to be sure the pricing structure of your partner supports your business model and the ability to scale as time goes on.

Many white label services are structured to accept monthly payments for the use of their platform, but some offer discounts if you pay in larger lump sums.

When you’re researching firms, be sure that the pricing structure and expectations are something you can be comfortable with long-term and that the price can be spread out among your clients without pricing you out of your target market.


Think about your current clientele and the market you want to target with your app reseller business. 

Will you need the ability to create an app that allows event reservations? Or do you just want to work with local businesses offering loyalty points for each purchase?

Be careful to research the features offered by your chosen company fully so you’re not locked into an expensive long-term contract.


Adding and subtracting the features you want for your clients’ apps is important to providing the best experience for their money.

If a feature you know you’ll need isn’t part of your chosen firm’s standard offerings, make sure you can easily integrate any new features you may need.

Developer Accounts

Once an app is developed, it has to be submitted to both the Apple and Play stores. 

Some white label companies allow you to submit your apps through their own developer accounts, but others require that you have your own account. 

Client-Facing CMS

While you may be happy to support bugs and upgrades on your clients’ apps in the future, you probably don’t have the time or manpower to make every little content update.

If you plan to manage apps for multiple clients, having a CMS that they can log into themselves to add photos, change hours, or make any tweaks they’d like will cut down significantly on your staffing and time needs.

Best Mobile App Reseller Program

Providing high-quality products and services to your clients at the most affordable prices is important to the overall health of your business. 

App Reseller Program

With Appy Pie, you can add mobile app reselling to your list of services with no time spent learning to code.

We offer completely customizable white label mobile app services to meet your needs and branding. Choose your plan level in affordable monthly or annual payments, log in, and get started creating apps.

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