Lend more power and control to all your teams and strengthen your IT department

Creating an efficient IT support help desk with Appy Pie’s IT help desk software is as easy as pie.

Harness the power of Appy Pie’s IT help desk software through the following features.

Shared inbox and email ticketing

Convert all incoming customer emails into support tickets while still responding to them through emails.

Advanced search & filters

Search or view a specific type or section of tickets by using advanced search and filtering.

Internal collaboration

Create private or internal tickets to improve internal collaboration within a team or between multiple departments.

Templated responses

Save your time and effort by creating some ready-to-use message templates which can be used for commonly asked questions or recurring issues.

Time tracking

Agents can track the time they spend on each ticket for reviews or analysis later on.

Linking tickets

Link related tickets or split bigger tickets into smaller ones for better organization and greater efficiency.

Automate repetitive tasks

Set up rules so that incoming tickers are assigned to the concerned agent or different agents turn by turn through a fixed rule or round robin. Create automated workflows by setting up triggers and rules for specified actions. Such automated actions can ensure that your team can save a lot of time while assigning all the repetitive tasks to the software. Another advantage of this feature is that it eliminates human errors completely, ensuring that only precise information is recorded and disseminated.

Customize the platform

The platform is completely customizable, and you can make as many design and format changes to your ticket forms as you want. You can even choose different ticket templates for different brands that you may own. Apart from adding, editing, removing, or reordering different fields in the form, you can also make the tickets visually an extension of your brand by adding your brand colors, your brand logo, and other brand identifiers. Though you have multiple templated responses at your disposal on the platform, you can personalize them and increase their efficacy manifold through simple customizations. You can also assign custom roles to agents within the organization as per your specific needs.

Record all customer data in one place

Customer data is of primary importance for any organization however, if all the data collected through different sources is simply dumped on different emails, tickets, etc., chances are tracking and organizing the customer data will be a challenge. IT support help desk ticketing system created with the help of Appy Pie’s IT help desk services builder platform lets you keep all your customer data organized in a central location for easy access and use by your team. You can also expand all the customer data, group and segment it, and even sync all customer data with any other app you may be using in your organization.

Customer portal

Your IT services help desk will also have a customer portal where your customers will be able to see the progress of their tickets. They can also see the progress of their own support requests, other tickets within the organization, and tickets they’re marked on. This feature lets the customers gain confidence as they experience transparency within the organization regarding their requirements.

Reports & analytics

Conduct in-depth analysis with all the data available at hand. The analytics dashboard presents all the data in a digestible format that can be used for analysis and for preparing reports which can help you create solid strategies for future business and marketing endeavors.

Third-party integrations

It is natural that an organization would be using multiple applications in one go when working on a project. Hence, your IT help desk solution will need to be integrated with other useful applications to ensure smoother operations and communication. The IT help desk system from Appy Pie offers multiple useful integrations for smoother workflows, decluttered data, and increased efficiency.

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