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What software do graphic designers use?

There are a number of great software that graphic designers use. Even though every designer has their own preferred software, there are a few that have gained popularity for good reason.
Compatible with all platforms.
Free to use.
The best graphic design software for designers of varying skills and proficiency.The best part about Appy Pie Design is that it needs no formal training and is the perfect graphic design software for amateurs and experts alike. It is great for collaborative projects where entire teams can work on a common project from multiple locations. To top it off, the platform is entirely free to use for now especially as it is still under public beta version. The platform is great for designing posters, logos, icons, brochures, wallpapers and more!
  • Adobe Photoshop

Compatible with Windows and Mac
The name Photoshop has become synonymous with graphic design and one of the most popular choices for professional graphic designers. However, the software is $239.88 every year. Another big consideration with this wildly popular graphic design software is that the learning curve is particularly steep.
  • Sketch

Compatible only with Mac
The Mac only graphic design software is focused primarily on digital design for websites, apps, and interface. Sketch is probably not the best option when it comes to photo editing or print. The program lets the entire design team collaborate on design projects.
  • Adobe Illustrator

Compatible with both Windows and Mac
Focused primarily on vector design which can be used to design digital artwork, icons, posters, and more. The software is great for designing graphics for a variety of sizes from the smartphone screen to 8k.
  • GIMP

Compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac
An open source program, GIMP lets you change the source code and distribute the program. You can not only customize the program but also use third party plugins to expand the scope of your creativity in coming up with great designs.

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