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What is Graphic Design? Definition & Purpose of Graphic Design

Graphic design is a part of communication design that makes use of visual elements like typography, photography, iconography, and illustration for effective visual communication and problem resolution.
Graphic design is often used by businesses to market and sell their services and products on their websites or through ads. These designs, when done right, are a great way to communicate ideas or messages. They attract the customers’ attention and encourage them to interact with the design, to the advantage of the businesses who put them up. 
A good graphic design uses right visual hierarchy, appropriate page layouts, well-designed typography, and beautifully edited pictures according to the product, client needs, and the spot where the graphic will be placed. There are multiple.
Though graphic design has been around since the ancient times, the term was coined sometime in the 1920s, by the print industry. Graphic design is more of an umbrella term that includes logo design, photo editing, icon design, ad design, banner design, poster design and so much more!
Graphic design extends beyond just the aesthetics. It is a critical part of marketing strategy for any business. Apart from marketing, graphic design plays a very important role in user experience design. However, here every little design decision must be made with a human-centered approach. 
This is where functionality is more important than the overall aesthetics. For example, if a beautiful website or a mobile app does not take the users to the right place even after multiple taps and clicks, the graphic design fails to serve its purpose in the overall user experience design. Though people may admire the design, but chances of them coming back to interact with it again are comparatively low. The graphic designs in user experience must be beautiful to look at for the users while still being meaningful and usable. 

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