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What is a good website?

There are more than a billion websites in the world and if you want to stand apart from the rest, you have to make sure that your website is good. A good website will attract and hold your attention, appeal to your emotions, and answers the visitors’ queries quickly and in a smooth manner.

Here is a list of factors that play a strong role in making a good website.

1. A good structure

It is important for any good website to be well organized and follow a well-defined structure. To make sure that your website looks clean and professional, you must make sure that there is no clutter. Not only does this help the visitors find content easily, but also allows Google to easily crawl and index the website.

2. Easy navigation

Only the websites that offer easy navigation have any chances of becoming successful. Intuitive navigation improves user experience keeping them interested and engaged for longer.

3. Unique content

Content is the reigning king and if you want to make a good website, it is important that you put out quality content that is valuable to the customers.

4. Great Design

A site that looks beautiful and is designed professionally would definitely hold the attention of the target audience. Not only is it important for the website to look good, but the user experience should be exemplary and consistent across desktop and mobile devices

5. Higher speed

Customers do not have the patience to keep waiting for a webpage to load. In fact, even a second’s delay may and will cost you several customers.

6. Clean code

Messy codes that are outdated, deprecated or just wrong, will reduce the site’s visibility on popular search engines.

7. Better readability

Most people skim through web content and that can only be done successfully if your website has made good use of contrast and hierarchy in text colors and size.

8. SEO

What’s the point of creating a website if no one is ever going to see it? Optimizing your website for search engines will ensure that your content and your products are put in front of your target audience.

9. Good analytics and tracking

Analytics and metrics tracking give you insights into the performance of the site and with these insights you can easily make significant improvements on your website.


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