I am getting errors when I try importing the CSV, what could I be doing wrong

I am getting errors when I try importing the CSV, what could I be doing wrong?

Please ensure if you followed below points:

  1. Never try to upload any entry without template/column name.

  2. Never use special characters like comma , semi column ; colon : etc. As you know csv is a comma separated file format so if you will use commas and other special characters then they will automatically be treated as new columns with entries making the csv invalid. So it would be advisable to avoid using any special character in the csv .

  3. Never copy data from a website and use it in our summary or body. This creates errors as sometimes when you copy some data from a website then it carries some html codes as well which a normal user probably can’t see.

  4. Please avoid copying data from website and pasting it directly into the csv. If it really unavoidable then please copy the data from the website then paste it on a note pad and delete all the special characters then you can use this data in the csv , this will reduce the chances of error to a great extent but not completely.

  5. Instead of trying to create a new csv , please download our sample csv and then edit it as per your requirement.

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