How to Publish your App on Windows

How to Publish your App on Windows?

Follow below mentioned steps to successfully publish your app on Windows:

Step 1 : Go to Windows Dev Center

Step 2 : Click on Sign In 

Step 3 : Enter your email address here, and click on Next

Step 4 : Click on Dashboard

Step 5 : Click on Create a new…. Button 

Step 6 : Enter a unique name, check its availability, and click on Reserve Product Name button


Step 7 : Click on Start your Submission button

Step 8 : Click on Pricing and availability 

Step 9 : If you want to list your app as paid app, enter the base price, select currency, and click on Save

Step 10 : Click on Properties   

Step 11 : Pick your app category (and subcategory, if applicable), and provide Privacy Policy URL 

Step 12 : Click on Age Ratings

Step 13 : Here, select specific options in Age Ratings and Rating Questionnaire, and click on Save and Generate

Step 14 : The Age Rating certificate will be created. Just, click on Continue to proceed

Step 15 : Click on Packages 

Step 16 : Browse or Drag and Drop your app .xap files here. You need to send an email to Appy Pie Submission Team at support@Appy to get your app .xap files

Step 17 : Once you have successfully uploaded the app package files, a few options in Device family will appear. Uncheck Windows 10 Desktop, Windows 10 Team, Windows 10 Holographic, and leave Windows 10 mobile as it is


Step 18 : Click on Store Listings, then click English 

Step 19 : You will be redirected to Store Listing dashboard. Enter app description here 

Step 20 : Next, upload Screenshots and Store logos 

Step 21 : Scroll down and click on Save 

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