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How to Integrate your Own SMTP? Step-By-Step Tutorial

By Abhinav Girdhar | Updated on February 24, 2021, 9:13 am

You can always use Appy Pie’s email server to send out emails whenever the bot initiates the chat with your clients. You can also integrate your own SMTP server with the chatbot and send out emails.

You can see all default integrations in the marketplace under the ‘Integrations’ section. Let us check out how you can install your own SMTP, which is one of the integrations available across all categories.

Step 1 

Login to your chatbot account and go to “Integrations”

Step 2

You’ll see the ‘Marketplace’ section where “All integrations” are displayed by default

Step 3

Here, you will find the available integrations across all categories. You can either search for “SMTP” and click on the “Install” button or go to “Emails” category from left panel and click on the “Install” button

Step 4

A panel will appear. Here, you would need to enter the following details:
    •    Host - This will be the URL for your SMTP server. For example, the host for Gmail is
    •    Port - Here you can add your TTL port number like 25, 587, 110, or 2525. Follow your email provider's SMTP instructions if you aren't sure about it.
    •    Email/Username: Enter your username or email address to login to your email account.
    •    Password: Enter your password.
    •    Sender name: Add the name of the person sending the email.
    •    Sender email: Add the email of the person sending the email.
Step 5

Click on “Connect” to establish the connection. Once the integration is completed, you’ll see installed tag on it with an option to uninstall it

Step 6

Once you’ve successfully integrated your own SMTP, click on the chatbot icon and select the bot that you wish to integrate it with.

Step 7

Go to its handoff node, open “Handoff to” dropdown and select “SMTP”. Select Email in “Handoff type”

Note: You will see the green tick-mark when the SMTP is successfully integrated, while a warning icon in case of incomplete integration.

Now that you have successfully installed your own SMTP server, let us check out how it makes your email sending tasks easier.

Fast Responses: Speed matters when it comes to serving your customers. Speed is one significant competitive advantage. You need to respond to your users’ queries quickly as it increases your opportunity to engage.

Ensures Immediate Follow-up: Integrating an email server with your chatbot can always be an advantage to your business. You can respond to your users instantly, send notifications and reminders for the meetings, follow up on no-shows, verify chat leads, and many more.

More Marketing Touches: Email bots and chatbots offer human-like interactions and immediacy that can drive the prospects through the sales funnel more quickly and efficiently.

Automate Marketing Campaigns: You can automate marketing campaigns with your chatbots to schedule so that the right person gets the right message at the right stage of buying your products.

Combine your chatbot with your email to ensure that every lead is engaged. The combination can balance your team’s efforts and make sure the possible leads don’t fall through the cracks.


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