How to install the BlackBerry app from test URL

How to install the BlackBerry app from test URL?

Step 1: Open chrome browser and then copy and paste the URL ( webstore/category/extensions ) in your browser address bar and hit enter. The following web site will open.



Step 2: Type "Playbook app Manager" and search for the extension. The search result will come up with the below extension. Click on the "Add to Chrome" button on the right.


Step 3: After hitting the "Add to Chrome" button, a pop up will appear. Click on the "Add Extension" button.



Step 4: Now Connect your device with the system(Computer) through the USB cable and then get the IPv4 address of your device and put it on the website opened in the new tab.

Note: In order to get the IPv4 please go to Settings>About>Network>IPv 4 address option in your BB device.



Step 5: Please switch on the developer mode in your device. Click on the Settings>Security & privacy> and here you will find that the settings for making the Developer mode "ON".



Step 6: After typing the correct IPv4 address please click on the save button and it will open the below page, Click on the advanced option and then the following option will appear.



Step 7: Click on the proceed option.



Step 8: The next screen will appear to input the password of your device.



Step 9: After filling the correct password the next screen will appear.


Step 10: Click on the install apps option and browser the bar file and it will install the app on your device.


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