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How to create a Gambling app, Make your own Betting app

Online Gambling has become a popular alternative to traditional gambling. Traditional gambling required people to go to a casino and gamble with other people. Traditional gambling also had risks of fights breaking out between the people and casino’s denying payouts. In addition to that, casinos were designed in a way that would make you spend more time there. This ended with people losing all of the money they had brought with them.


This changed with the onset of online gambling that provided convenience, safety and comfort to the gambling scene. Creating a gambling app is very easy with Appy Pie and it is an efficient way to create a great gambilng app that players will love to use.


To create your own Gambling or Betting app, follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter your gambling app’s name in the Business Name section
  2. Enter ‘Gambling’ in the App Purpose section
  3. Drag and drop the features you need
  4. Test your app by downloading its beta
  5. Publish it to the store of your choice

How to make a Gambling Website?

Follow the steps mentioned below to create your gambling website.

  1. Enter the name of your website: Write your website name and why you want to create it.
  2. Add essential pages including Register, Games, Terms & Conditions etc.: Add basic pages to your website with the relevant details.
  3. Publish your website: Test the website and launch it.

Now that you know how to make a gambling website or app, let us now check how gambling apps impact betting industry.

How Gambling Apps Impact Betting Industry?

There are limited online gambling operators who distribute Android apps using their own or third-party application stores. This is the reason it is difficult for users to find gambling apps. It was costly for operators to maintain and promote the apps on their own. Things have become easier after Google has opened the door for gambling apps to the Play Store.

Google has offered a substantial customer acquisition channel for multiple online gambling operators. To get the gambling apps published on Google Play Store, operators must show a valid gambling license in the country that they wish to target. Google takes strong measures to restrict under-age gamblers. All gambling apps must comply with responsible gambling traditions.

Over 200 gambling apps have been published on Google Play store. These apps include spread betting, sports betting, and casino games.

Optimizing an app in Play Store

Now that the significant opportunity of publishing apps on Google Play Store is available for the gambling operators, it is essential to understand that optimizing for Play Store is a little more complex than it is for the Apple App Store.

Google’s set of rules favor ‘high-quality engagement’, which is based on user interaction, not just installs. App developers need to ensure that the users not only download their app but also continue to engage with it.

If the objective is to keep the users engaged, everything that has been designed and written needs to be critically analyzed with three questions in mind:

  • Would users want to download?
  • Would it be easy for the users to download?
  • Does this induce the users to use the app after they download it?

Make sure your graphics, images, and videos are sharp and catchy as they lead your users to download and get engaged with the app. The title, design copy, description with strong keywords should efficiently convey your app’s purpose. It helps users find the answers to what the app does and why they should care.

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