How to Make an App like Ola & Lyft?

Apps like Ola are known for their capabilities of allowing passengers to book their own cabs. A taxi booking app has two distinct interfaces. One interface is provided for the user who can use it to book the cab and pay for the cab ride and the other for the cab driver who can accept customer requests and use features like navigation and route adjustment.
Ola, Lyft, and Uber, happen to be the largest taxi-based services in the world. Despite their dominance, there are a lot of localized cab services in the industry and the various cab service providers keep increasing as each day passes by. This makes having a booking app extremely crucial.
With Appy Pie, creating a taxi booking app is easier than ever. Currently, in its beta, the taxi booking feature allows you to create both interfaces of a taxi booking app. Appy Pie’s no code design template is based on Uber’s interface and is tuned for simplicity making it familiar for all users and ensuring that your app is fast & easy-to-use for both passengers and drivers.

To create your own app like Ola, follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter your service’s name in the Business Name section.
  2. Enter taxi booking in the App Purpose.
  3. Add the Taxi Booking feature.
  4. Drag n’ Drop other features you need and select your design.
  5. Test your app thoroughly.
  6. Publish it in the store of your choice.
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Here is a step by step breakdown of creating a taxi booking app builder.


Step 1: In your Dashboard, click on Create New App.


Step 2: Enter your Business’s name and enter App Purpose.


Step 3: In the My Features section add the Taxi Booking feature into your app.


Step 4: Edit and customize App features and design your app as per requirements.

Step 5: Test your app thoroughly.

Step 6: Launch it to the store of your choice.


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