How to make an app like Amazon? Create Android & iPhone app like Amazon

Amazon would be incomplete without a shopping cart. Shopping-carts apps are essentially the same as E-commerce apps. Shopping-cart based apps can be used to create online marketplaces. Shopping-cart apps allow you to add unlimited products from which the user can select what he wants to buy.
The E-Commerce feature is used to create a shopping-cart app in Appy Pie’s app builder. With this feature, you can add products, sell them online, and receive payments for them without needing to pay a commission. For more information, on how to create Android & iPhone app like amazon like amazon, go to

To create your own app like Amazon, follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter your shopping cart app’s name in the Business Name section.
  2. Enter ‘Marketplace’ in the App Purpose section.
  3. Add the E-Commerce feature.
  4. Click on Add Product to add products in your app.
  5. Drag n’ Drop other features you need and select your design.
  6. Test your app thoroughly.
  7. Publish it in the store of your choice.

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of how you can create your Shopping-cart/E-commerce app.

Step 1:  In your Dashboard, click on Create New App.

Step 2: Enter your shopping cart app’s name and enter ‘shopping cart’ as App Purpose. Click on Next.

Step 3: Add the E-commerce feature into your app.

Step 4: Click on Add Product to add a product to your new shopping cart app.

Step 5: The menu will ask you to enter a category if you’re adding products for the first time. Add your first category. 

After this the normal interface window will appear. This window has several menus that will be used to manage your e-commerce app once its published. The first menu is the Product Catalog menu. Add the products that you’ll sell here.

First add product categories here. Each category of products will be available to the user to browse while shopping. Click on the settings buttons of a category and press Manage Products to add products, and Sub Categories to add a subcategory.

Once you’ve added all products, close the menu for now. The button will now show Manage instead of Add Product. You can use this section to manage and oversee transactions once your app is live.

Step 6: Once you’ve edited the shopping-cart section, go to the design section and customize your app’s look as required.


Step 7: Add more features to improve the app experience. Features like Coupons, Directory, Loyalty Card, Member’s Card are recommended for a shopping card app.

Step 8: Test your app thoroughly and post it to the store of your choice.


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