How to add Google Analytics into your Website?

Follow below mentioned steps to add Google Analytics into your Website :
New Users
Step 1 : Go to Google Analytics
Step 2 :  Click on Sign Up
Step 3 :  Click on Website tab, and enter the required details
Step 4 :  Once done, scroll down, and click on Get Tracking ID
Step 5 :  Click on I Accept
Step 6 : Here is your Tracking ID
Existing Users
Step 1 : Go to Google Analytics, and login
Step 2 : Once you are on your Google Analytics dashboard, click on Admin
Step 3 : Click on My Project
Step 4 : If you want to create new property, click on Create Property button, else you can skip this step and continue following the tutorial from Step 5
Step 5 : Click on Tracking Info. A dropdown menu will open, select Tracking Code
Step 6 : Here is your Tracking ID.Copy it


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