How much does it cost to have a Google site

How much does it cost to have a Google site?

Google Sites are free to build, host, and maintain with a Google or Gmail account, and there are no web hosting fees either. However, if you are using Google Sites along with Google Apps then the cost is rolled into the user license fee which comes to an annual amount of $50 per user per year. 

Now that you know how much does google sites cost, let’s get into learning other aspects of google sites.

How to create Google sites

If you already have a Google account, there is no need to sign up. Simply go to the Google Sites website and start building a site. A website can be created in a simple way on Google Sites.
  • On a computer, open classic Google Sites
  • At left top, click Create
  • Select a template
  • Enter a name and URL for your site
  • Click Create

In Google Sites, there are two types of design choices

Theme to be applied to the site

There are dozens of themes available to choose from.


Templates are the other design option users get to choose from.

Features of Google Sites

  • Responsive Design - Google sites come with a range of new themes. A responsive design makes it easier for users to share and link to their content with a single URL.
  • Offers response Domain name mapping - Owners can map their site to a custom domain name. They can purchase a custom domain from Google.
  • Drag and drop features - The elements of the page can be dragged-and-dropped, and arranged automatically on a grid layout. Everything is simple to move, resize, or rearrange.
  • Support for embedding HTML and JavaScript - Users can insert custom HTML or JavaScript into a page template. Embedded content retains its original permissions for reliable sources and enhances the security feature.
  • Automatic multi-level menus - It does integrate with other apps, including Google Analytics. The user can easily import data and content from YouTube, Google Maps, or your Google Drive.
  • Integration with Google Drive, Google Maps and more - When using Google Sites, users can embed a Google Map into their website without loads of effort or coding at all.

Advantages of Google Sites

  1. Google Sites is entirely free.
  2. Google Sites allows you to add files from your Google Drive to your page, helping you store and display your documents.
  3. Google Sites is fast and easy to edit.
  4. Google Sites is ideal for a fresher who is building a website for the first time.
  5. Google Sites has control over permissions.
However in spite of a range of advantages offered by Google sites it has a few disadvantages. They have been listed below:

Disadvantages of Google Sites

  1. Google Sites has limited functionality in comparison to other website builders.
  2. Google Sites is not the best option for business.
  3. Google Sites is only limited to Google apps. Apps outside Google apps may be unsuitable.

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