How can I get Google API Key?

Follow below mention steps to generate, create Google API Key for Android

  1. Login or Sign up on
  2. Click on Project dropdown and select Create New Project
  3. It open New Project window there you have to provide a name to your new project, then click on Create button.
  4. From Dashboard Menu click on Enable API link.
  5. Click on Library tab and search for the following API, and enable them one by one by clicking on Enable link button:
    Google Maps JavaScript API
    Google Places API Web Service
    Google Maps Distance Matrix API
    Maps SDK for Android
    Places API

    Note: If any API is already enabled then leave it as it is.

  6. Click on Create Credential button.
  7. It will open a popup from there select API Key.
  8. Click on Credentials tab and select None under Key Restriction section then click on Save button.
  9. It will generate a Key, copy this key and paste this API Key in respective field of Appy Pie

Note: To increase requests hit daily limit, please follow our tutorial How to add the Billing account details in Google Developer Account to increase requests hit daily limit?


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