How can I change Page Style and Color of the Contact Page in the app?

  1. Go to App Pages in App Design section.
  2. Select Contact Menu and click on Contact to add Contact Page in the app.
  3. Here, you need to fill in your details like Name, Phone No., Email ID, Skype ID, Mailing Address, and Website URL.
  4. You can change the Page Style and Color Scheme of the Contact Page from here.
  5. For changing the page background, you can either select the featured images or choose custom background option.
  6. In custom background, you need to select an image. Once the image is selected, a “Crop Page Background Image” box appears where you can crop the image as per your requirements.

(You need to tick the checkbox if you want to use the same image for both Portrait and Landscape modes.)

  1. Once done, click OK to continue.
  2. A multiple options like Heading Font, Heading Size, Heading Color, Intent Heading, Label Font, Label Size, etc., are present in Page Style and Color Scheme section, which can help you in changing the Color Scheme and Font Style of the text content of the page.
  3. Once done, click on Save and Finish to continue.



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